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Simple Home Test for Candida


Doesn’t it seem like everyone has Candida these days? If you look on the Internet just about every type of symptom known to man is a sign of Candida. So, how do you really know if your symptoms are Candida?

First, let’s look at what Candida is. There are many kinds of yeast (single-cell organisms) in our intestinal tract, vaginal tract, mouth and sinus mucosa that are part of our normal internal “garden”. We can’t survive without all the friendly bugs that cohabitate with us, and perform assorted vital functions. Candida is one of the friendly guys that act like trash collectors and help to digest debris, in the same way that yeast digests sugar in a bread recipe.  But Candida has to live in balance with other good bugs. Over use antibiotics, eat a crappy diet, or get exposed to chemicals (like most Americans) and the Candida yeasties can grow out of control when other good bugs are absent. Have you ever planted mint in a garden? It spreads like wildfire and can take over all the space for itself. I learned this the hard way.

Fortunately the balance can be restored. It may not be enough to take any old probiotic. Dietary improvements, handling sugar cravings, addressing other gut issues such as Irritable Bowel, chronic constipation, toxic bowel or food allergies may be needed to fully restore the gut flora balance so your garden blooms. 70% of your immune system resides in your gut, and it is literally the soil on which health flourishes or languishes in your body.

Milton White, MD. believed that cancer is a chronic, infectious, fungus disease. He was able to find fungal spores in every sample of cancer tissue he studied. Our grain crops are contaminated with mycotoxins, or various types of fungus that live on grains like wheat. The mycotoxins are toxic to humans, and the fungicides used to control them are also toxic to humans. This is a major problem with all grain crops. 

 Discovering if you have candida and treating it effectively is vital to your long-term health. Do this test yourself at home as soon as you can. First thing in the morning, before you drink water or brush your teeth, spit into a tall glass of clean water. You may have to work up some spit if your mouth is dry. After a good spit, allow the glass of water to sit undisturbed and check it after a few minutes, an hour, and a few hours. If there is no Candida the water will remain clear. If there is a Candida overgrowth in your body the water will look like a science experiment. Long “legs” will develop and trail down to the bottom of the glass. White matter may pool in the bottom of the glass and the water may get cloudy, with white specks appearing.

If your test reveals that you have Candida, come in and get checked to find out exactly what personalized program you need to restore your gut flora balance. This is an important marker of your immune health, and if your test is positive, you will have other symptoms. But now we know. We can organize a treatment program and have you retest until the Candida is contained and you are on a healthier path. Let me know what your results are, and if you have any questions. Good luck with your test!



What's In a Flu Shot?

Nobody wants the flu. But getting a flu shot is like eating last year’s Christmas dinner for this year’s Thanksgiving. The current flu vaccine was made months ago, long before anyone knows what kinds of flu viruses will hit this year. The vaccine manufacturers try to guess what kinds of flu we will have. Based on what? Crystal ball gazing? There is absolutely no scientific way to guess what flu virus will make the rounds. So, you are exposing yourself to a new set of flu viruses that you might never have been exposed to.

Then there are vaccine additives that are highly toxic to human bodies. Ethylene glycol (also known as anti-freeze), Formaldehyde (used on dead bodies as a preservative and a known carcinogen), Aluminum (documented to cause neurological disorders), Mercury (one of the most toxic substances for humans in minute amounts), just to name a few.

Many flu vaccines are grown on eggs, so watch out if you have an egg allergy. I just found out that I have an allergy to egg yolk, which was a big surprise. Ask me about our new food allergy testing.

For more on the documented side-effects of flu vaccine see here.

In fact, the flu vaccine is only considered to be 56% effective across all groups and only 9% effective in seniors over 65. That may explain why you hear such varying reports from people, with some saying that the vaccine works and others complaining they had the worst flu ever after the vaccine. And don’t forget that the most common side-effect is flu-like symptoms. Isn’t that just like getting the flu?

If you choose to skip the vaccine, boost your immune system naturally. Most of my patients tell me that their immune system is much stronger on their supplement program and they can escape the flu even when everyone around them is sick.  A personalized program is best.

Here are some general tips:

Vitamin D is part of a good defense. Take a high quality fish oil supplement. Make sure it contains Vitamins D and A, which is how Nature always packages Vitamin D. Remember that it is not the dose that counts with vitamins, but how much your body can assimilate.

One of the strongest defenses against flu virus is to get enough sleep and eat a healthy diet. Many offices have candy and pastries shared daily, and sugar will lower your immune system for hours after consumption. The white blood cells that patrol for pathogens become lethargic after sugar consumption. Excess coffee and alcohol will also dehydrate you and lower your immune system.

Poor digestion will make you more susceptible to flu or any disease. The stomach acid needs to be strong in order to help you absorb minerals. Minerals help to keep cells walls strong. Viruses are not alive. They need to invade through cell walls and use the cell’s own mechanism to create more viruses. Digestive enzymes that contain Betaine HCL improve stomach acid. Apple Cider Vinegar is an old remedy for increasing stomach acid, as well.

The intestine is where the immune system resides mainly, so Probiotics may help to keep your gut flora stronger. Eating processed foods like white flour and junk foods gunks up the system and creates an environment for candida and other unhelpful organisms to grow out of control and take over. This is like having your garden over-run with weeds. Doing a gut detox before colder weather sets in would be a perfect way to prepare yourself for a healthier winter.

Adrenals are key for the immune system. Those little glands over the kidneys are involved in your stress response, whether stress is physical or emotional. If you have any allergies or asthma, your adrenals need support.

There are several supplements you can take to keep yourself stronger. Immuplex can be taken like a multi-vitamin. Herbal supplements like Echinacea Premium and Astragalus have immune support and anti-aging properties, as well.

We are here to help you stay well, not just in the winter, but all year.  This is a perfect time to do a Detox program, so get 10% off Detox supplements before November 5. That will give you enough time for a Detox by Thanksgiving. Or do a 10 Day Blood Sugar Balance program to get a grip on sugar cravings. You will sleep better and have more energy.

Be well!





Good News About Cancer

I am not writing to tell you about a new drug breakthrough, but about a group of people who are gathering information to help people become informed about preventing and treating the underlying causes of cancer. 

If you consider cancer to be the enemy, then knowing the enemy is your best defense. Understanding helps to lessen fear. 

We all know that the medical establishment owns the territory of cancer treatment. Although there is success in getting tumors to shrink and sending cancer into remission, all too often the cancer reappears in another part of the body, more aggressively than ever. The cancer treatment itself, chemotherapy, is carcinogenic, surgery may spread cancer cells, and radiation damages healthy tissue, as well as burning the cancer. I once asked a Pathologist (doctor who performs autopsies) what is the most damaging toxin he sees when he examines bodies after death. He told me that it is absolutely chemotherapy because “it turns the organs to mush”.  I have never forgotten that conversation.

So, the answer to cancer must lie in a) preventing it and b) addressing and correcting the underlying internal environment of the body that allows the cancer to take hold and take over. The only way to really get rid of cancer is to harness the ability of the immune system to seek out and eradicate the root cancer cells, which are stem cells or parent cells. All cells develop from stem cells. Cancer cells develop from stem cells gone rogue.

 The stem cells go rogue when there is an overload or imbalance or assault in the immune system. Restoring the innate ability of the immune system to regulate the body health is what holistic medicine does, and that is why lifestyle, nutrition and your mental/spiritual strength are the real keys to prevention.

If you would like to tap into this group of people who are sharing cancer prevention and holistic medicine information, and watch some documentaries on the subject click here.

Be prepared for some shocks, because much of what you have been taught will be challenged. I thought I knew a lot about the general subject and I was surprised by some of the information presented.

Know that whatever steps you are taking to eat healthy food, maintain an optimum weight, take the right supplements, avoid toxins, and get your body moving are all smart ways to avoid any degenerative disease. The truth is pretty simple. The body needs some basics, and it works well when those basics are provided.

The immune challenges, like virus, fungus, chemicals, heavy metals, parasites, nutritional deficiencies, and parasites that seem to wreak havoc in the system and turn on mutant stem cells, can all be addressed. That is the good news.

If you watch the video, let me know what you think. There are nine parts and each one covers a different aspect of preventing cancer, and improving the immune system. You will need to purchase the video to watch the whole series.

Cancer is such a scary subject that many people just want to bury their heads in the sand, thinking it is a death sentence. This video series will reassure you that is not the case. Yes, you may need to make some changes in your life to prevent or treat cancer. There are many steps you can take today to lower your risk dramatically. I will be blogging more about that in the future. Knowledge is power, so spread the word. We are here to help, so let us know what help you need to have a bullet-proof Immune system.


Are Your Cells Hungry?

Our grandparents and great-grandparents did not all die young. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams lived into their 80's and 90's! Infant deaths skewed the data, giving us a low AVERAGE life expectancy. People died of infections such as tuberculosis, malnutrition, and accidents. But there was virtually no heart disease, cancer, diabetes or obesity or other diseases we associate with age.

What can we learn from our long-lived ancestors? 

Eat food as Nature provides it and develop clever ways to preserve it in a natural state.

Canning is over 300 years old. The tin can was invented in Britain in the early 1800’s. Before that, meat was preserved by salting it.  Seamen died by the droves for lack of vital nutrients on long sea voyages. A diet of biscuits and salted meat did not sustain life and scurvy could be a death sentence, perhaps killing more than half of those who served during the Seven Years’ War in the 1750’s.

Food was also heated and in glass bottles, and then placed in boiling water by Nicholas Appert. Sterilization was not yet known, so Monsieur Appert was ahead of his time. This method preserved fruits and vegetables and vinegars. But the tin can was important because it could preserve meat without spoiling.

The oldest surviving tin can is in the London Science Museum. It weighs seven pounds and is filled with venal, and was taken by Sir William Parry when he explored the Northwest Passage. Sir Parry was searching for a route from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. He held the record for reaching the highest northern latitude of any European explorer for five decades. Apparently he favored fish on his sea voyage, since the tinned meat made it back intact.

Tinned foods remained a military staple until they were shown to the civilian public at the Grand Exhibition of 1851.

There were several scandals involving food canning, ranging from putrid meat to reports of lead poisoning from poor soldering. People were skeptical about the quality and dissatisfied with the taste of canned meats and vegetables.

The first canned food to gain popularity was condensed milk.  Urban farming was affected by the trend towards canned milk and improvements in transportation made global market penetration a possibility.

The American Civil War increased canned food production six-fold. In 1896,  technological advances improved speed and sealing techniques.  English foods could be exported around the Globe, since the sun never set on the far-flung British empire.

All this while, since the invention of the tin can, there was no easy  means of opening the cans developed. Bayonets and knives were used by soldiers and sailors. But the housewives and household cooks did not have a double wheel, serrated, can opener until 1925.

During the New Deal President Franklin Roosevelt’s program delivered 692 million pounds of food to hungry American people, much of it canned beef. Canned fish because affordable to people living hundreds of miles inland, and tropical fruits could be shipped to cold climates.

Don’t forget that the American invention of soda pop is served up in cans, not to mention the favorite of many-beer. The first beer in a can appeared in 1935, and sodas followed.  Cans were made either of aluminum (75% of world production) or tin. An interior liner was developed, from plastic or a waxy substance, to protect against a chemical reaction with the metal that might affect the flavor of the soda. “Church Key” latches were invented, which cut a triangular hole in the top of the can to pour out the liquid. The pop tab was invented in 1959 by an Ermal Fraze. The pull tab, although convenient, posed problems with safety, including stuck fingers and swallowing. The tabs were also created litter when people disposed of them on the ground.

Next came the push tab in the mid 70’s, which left a sharp edge that could cut fingers but solved the litter problem. The non-removing Stay Tab was further refined in the 70’s and is still in use today.

It would be interesting to discover if canned foods actually contributed to global population growth, since more preserved food because available. And I hope that it saved the lives of many soldiers and seaman, rather than making war more convenient for those who chose to wage it.

For modern soldiers, campers and hikers pouches and cartons are easy and convenient for preserving foods, weighing far less. However, tin cans are still better at preserving the flavor and the original state of the foods. And tin cans are better for stockpiling in the eventuality of a natural or man-made disaster.

Today we take refrigeration for granted, and it has granted us a means to enjoy fresh foods during every season on a scale our ancestors would have found astonishing.

So many of the foods we eat today don’t need to be preserved, by refrigeration or by canning. Only real food needs preserving. So, the majority of the foods that you see in bags and boxes on the grocery store shelves are shadows of food, punched up with chemicals in the form of flavors and colors. They won’t sustain life. Imagine an army marching on Skittles and Doritos. Or Twinkies, the all-time favorite junk food to bash.

Or imagine a child being raised on the same. Every new cell would be made out of red dye and chemical flavor enhancers.

So, what are your cells being made of? All body conditions must have a component of nutrition influence. Good conditions have a nutritional component and that is the good news. It is actually good news that pain, acne, obesity, diabetes and cancer also have a nutritional component. Because that means you can do something about it.

You can stock your refrigerator with healthy food, but you have to find the time (and inclination) to prepare it. I suggest that you try nutritious shakes and smoothies to start your day and/or fill the gap for those times when you arrive home too tired to cook.

Dr. Royal Lee, the developer of the first multi-vitamin in 1929, said, “One of the biggest tragedies of human civilization is the precedence of chemical therapy over nutrition. It’s a substitution of artificial therapy over nature, of poisons over food, in which we are feeding people poisons trying to correct the reactions of starvation.” He made this statement in 1951 after studying nutritional therapies for twenty-five years.

Food chemistry was really developed after WWII, and was a new field. Imagine how far the field has come today. Scientists know exactly what their research rats need to eat to be healthy, and they know that if they remove any vital nutrient the rats will get sick.  We can apply this same principle to humans, but the food companies don’t have to worry about your health, only your marketing buttons. You could go your whole life and hardly ever eat any real nutrient. But you won’t be well. Your body may actually be starving, even if you are carrying 10-100 pounds of extra weight. There is no substitution for what is in real food.

Live as long as Jefferson, Adams, or my great-grandmother who died at 96, but live healthy and strong.


For more about the history of canning see