Biophotonics is the NASA breakthrough in pain relief that rapidly improves skin conditions!

Biophotonics gets rid of pain and inflammation

Biophotonics Light treatment was developed by NASA when astronauts in weightless conditions did not heal from cuts. NASA scientists had to find a safe and effective approach, and it was discovered that certain spectrums of light worked very well. So we use the Celluma Biophotonics Device because it is the most powerful device of this type.

"I use the Celluma for my face to clear acne. It sure is convenient to spend thirty minutes under a light instead of spending thirty minutes having your face poked at with a needle and then drenched in chemicals."

- Willie, Orange County, California

Three treatment modes address skin conditions such as pain relief, acne and rosacea treatment, and facial rejuvenation. Each mode has its own unique Light pattern and spectrum. Because it works under the surface of the skin, it is hard to imagine how a simple light treatment can be so effective. It almost has to be experienced to believe it. Patients are astonished to find that pain and inflammation diminish, acne starts to disappear or the face is tighter, firmer and glowing-from the first treatment.

And the treatment is so relaxing that many people fall asleep during it. 

Biophotonics is available by appointment. Call or visit the Well Body Clinic to find out if Biophotonics can help you.