Beautiful Skin Without Spa Treatments

Who doesn’t want gorgeous skin? Regardless of age, everyone wants naturally radiant skin, free of blemishes, sagging, or wrinkles. Mother Nature understands and has provided some wonderful nutrients and remedies.

Skin is the largest organ we have. It is also a detox organ, and it is a two-way street. Your body pushes out toxins and irritants that cause breakouts and rashes. And your skin absorbs products that are applied to it.

So, we can use this knowledge to help skin look its best. If you have blemishes, rashes, or acne, it is time to identify the source and support the other detoxification pathways. This usually means supporting kidneys, liver, gall bladder and/or intestine. Acne on the cheeks usually means that you need a detox program.

Acne and whiteheads on the forehead often mean gall bladder congestion. Dietary changes are needed to help gall bladder from getting sludgy and congested.

Acne around jaw is often hormonal and needs a hormone balance program 

Wrinkles are from different stressors. Too much sun causes damage to the skin’s elasticity. Mineral sunscreens are the safest because they offer physical barriers. The long-term effects of chemical sunscreens are unknown. Remember that chemicals applied topically will get passed into the blood and lymph systems of the body.

Collagen is composed of fibers in the connective tissue, making it strong and elastic. Connective tissue is outside the cells of the body and literally holds tissue together. Notice the softness of a child’s or teen’s face. It is the fat and collagen that disappears from the face as we age. But some lose more collagen than others, and wrinkles and sagging follow. The correct nutrients can help dramatically with collagen.

Dietary protein is vital for collagen production and maintenance. Adults need at least 65-80 grams of protein per/day, and seniors need even more to keep from losing muscle. Facial muscles hold skin taut, so sagging may be worsened by insufficient protein.

Real Vitamin C (like Cataplex C from Standard Process) is needed for collagen production. Cataplex C is also wonderful for healthy gums, and strong adrenals. Vitamin C is a complex of molecules, not just ascorbic acid, so most supplements labeled Vitamin C are inadequate for full health benefits. If you are taking Collagen products, be sure to add in some whole Vitamin C.

Skin needs unrefined oils and fats, also. Vitamin A and Vitamin E are both fat-soluble vitamins that make healthy skin. Butter is a source of good fat as well as Vitamins A and D, particularly butter from grass-fed cows. Again, look for whole food sources because no vitamin exists in nature as a synthetic isolated product. Nature always provides balance with other nutrients so that that body can incorporate them into cellular processes.

Another good source of Vitamins A and D is Cod Liver Oil. I have given women Cod Liver Oil for dry, thin skin for years. Cod Liver Oil has enormous benefits for brain health, as well, and is anti-inflammatory. With all the attention on Vitamin D deficiency, and on brain health, Cod Liver Oil and other fish oils are one of the supplements I advise everyone to take on a regular basis.

Hydration is about minerals and fatty-acids (healthy oils) as well as water, so be sure that you include plenty of vegetables and good fats in your daily diet, as well as drinking water.

On of my favorite herbs has the funny name Gotu Kola. This herb supports healthy collagen. Mediherb has a liquid version that you can mix with your favorite face cream and will support beautiful skin. There is also a tablet that you can take internally.

You can also add Frankincense to your face cream, which has been known for its healing properties for skin for hundreds of years. Look for real whole frankincense, from top brands. It is expensive, but you only need a few drops a day. When you consider the cost of the best face creams, adding your own special ingredients will probably save money, and you know what you are putting on your skin.

Look for creams that have ingredients you recognize, and can pronounce, and have a minimum of chemical additives. There are so many botanicals now being used that it is easy to skip the department store brands. Andalou is one of my favorites, reasonably priced, and available on Amazon or in health food stores. There are many other healthy brands to check out these days. 

Brands such as Naturopathica have plant stem cell creams that may offer benefits. And I now offer oral stem cell products for many parts of the body, including skin. I recommend either the over-all anti-aging stem cells, or the specific skin stem cells.

Hemp Oil is known to give beautiful skin and I noticed an improvement within a few days of taking Hemp Oil Complex from Standard Process. The ingredients in Hemp Oil complex are very healing and anti-inflammatory. I have noticed an added benefit; at a dose of three per day they cut my sugar cravings.

I love using a Jade Roller  (available from Amazon) in the morning, which acts as a mini-iron for the face. It also stimulates collagen and de-puffs under the eyes. If puffy eyes are a problem, consider what you are eating that is causing the reaction. Wheat, dairy, sugar and alcohol are common culprits. A detox may help the problem long-term. Also, consider how much sleep you are getting. There is a reason it is called “beauty sleep.” For the body I have discovered a new product from Trader Joes called “Lemongrass Coconut Oil.” It is a blend of oils that are all natural with no additives. For the cold Chicago winter, this oil has been the best for my dry skin. Even with our freak Polar Vortex weather!

So, next time you think of visiting your dermatologist or aesthetician for an expensive treatment, consider the natural remedies that you can use to nourish your skin and improve your over-all health in the process.  There is no cosmetic product or treatment that can make up for neglected, nutrient-deprived skin. As many of you know, I worked in dermatology practice for many years, so I had a chance to see medical and cosmetic dermatology up close. I was able to clear skin conditions that the MD’s could not, because I could isolate where the internal disfunction was occurring and fix that root cause. Just throwing topical creams or drugs at acne, for example, treats the symptom, but never corrects the real reason for the blemishes and eruptions. Treating the inside made beautiful clear skin on the outside. Even acne scars can be helped with natural medicine.

I would love to get facials, and I think they can be beneficial. But I put my money on the products that I know nourish both inside and out.

The worst things for skin are the habits that ruin health in general, such as smoking, excessive alcohol, insufficient sleep, processed and junk foods, fried foods, and sugar.

If you would like a personalized skin treatment program, let me know. I have helped hundreds of people get rid of acne, rashes, and improve the appearance and health of their skin. Whoever said “Beauty is only skin deep” had it all wrong. Beauty is as deep as your cells, and your outer beauty is a reflection of the health being created at a cellular level. This makes beauty and beautiful skin a very deep subject!

Action Steps for Beautiful Skin 

1.     Assess problem. Rashes, whiteheads, acne require identifying organ that is congested and providing support or detoxification.

2.     Assess condition of skin in general and incorporate nutrients that will improve quality of skin.

3.     Check for healthy ingredients in all personal care items to minimize chemical exposure and toxicity.

4.     Get tested for food sensitivities or allergies that may be aggravating skin conditions.

5.     Evaluate lifestyle choices for general health that may be affecting skin, such as sleep and leisure habits.

6.     Incorporate remedies that relieve stress and balance hormones.

7.     Use mineral sunscreen daily to minimize sun damage.

8.     Add in specific nutrients and supplements specific to the needs of your skin and general health.