Success stories from Anne Dunev's patients

“I am very glad I made the right choice by trusting my health and well being with Anne. I know in my heart that my body will be well taken care of with her careful, kind, knowledgable guidance. I look forward to the journey I am on, bringing positive lifestyle changes into my future. I suggest Well Body Clinic to everyone.” —


Dr. Dunev put me back on a path in the right direction.  In my mid 30’s, I started noticing a decline in my health.  My body was going in the wrong direction with this symptom here, this annoyance there, this strange thing there…  After seeing several doctors, I grew frustrated by their responses.  I was told that “unless I was bleeding, there was nothing for them to treat.”  In seeking better answers, I was introduced to Anne Dunev.  What I love about Dr. Dunev is how she really listens.  No symptom is dismissed and she provides a wealth of insight into how the body works.   After learning my history and assessing my current issues, we started working to restore my gut.  Antibiotics, used to treat recurrent bladder infections, had wreaked havoc on my digestive system.  While in her care, I experienced what I suspected was a bladder infection.  Honestly, I doubted what she could do and was prepared to run to back to antibiotics for the cure.  Dr. Dunev prescribed a healthy regimen that quelled my pain within a few hours and healed my bladder within 2 weeks. This was a miracle to me.  I was able to avoid taking harsh antibiotics and we continued on our path to restore my digestive system.  Today, I am happy to report that I have a new found feeling of wellness when it comes to my digestion — I no longer have burning feelings in my gut after certain foods or drinks, and my allergy to stone fruits has disappeared along the way as a bonus!  Give Dr. Dunev a chance and she’ll figure out what your body needs all with a sincerity of care that is beyond compare. —Joy M

I would definitely recommend Dr. Anne Dunev whose new office is in Burbank. She's beyond knowledgeable and helped one of her patients I know get off of all of his meds for various ailments he had. There are success stories after success stories from people who've worked with her. By the way, that patient is now drug-free! Best of luck -- you'll be in good hands! -Anoush

When the Los Angeles medical professionals gave up on my mother's illness, Dr. Dunev stepped in and saved her life. The overgrowth bacteria that was eating my mother's body away made everyone question the possibility of hidden cancer. "I don't know what's wrong with you!" doctor, after doctor would say. 

Dunev's solution was practical and healthy, using natural vitamins (or food) instead of toxic pharmaceuticals. It was a relief to see my mother put her weight back on and start eating.

The Bojiuc family will always be grateful for having met Dr. Dunev. Her expertise is truly the much needed balance to lead our lives healthily. --Marisa B


Doctor Dunev has a special talent and sensibility towards the patient's needs and concerns. I had a wonderful experience since my first visit. Totally recommend her! --Denise H

Dr. Dunev is excellent at what she does and gives me a lot of quality time. --AA

More than anything else is the true pleasure of being treated by someone who has a totally professional attitude, obvious certainty in her technology, and achieves the level of results one hopes for when seeing a health practitioner.

One thing that is obvious when you are treated by Anne is that she truly cares; she creates a wonderful safe space and is actually interested in what you have to communicate. She is a true professional. --Bernard P

Dr. Dunev is great. I know of no one else who can do what she does as effectively as she does it. --Hila W

Anne Dunev knows her stuff. I went to her to address some gallbladder issues and she has effectively addressed these issues. She gets results! It is always a pleasure to visit this office. It's a warm and inviting space. --Andrea K.

Dr Dunev has always been right on with her diagnosis of what my various ailments have been. Really appreciate her expertise in the field of Naturopathic methods. --AA

Dr Dunev is amazing. With her help and expertise I am now experiencing balanced hormones and optimal health and well being! Thank you Dr Dunev!
Beverly H

Always I got the right answer to any of my questions. Dr.Anne Dunev for me is the missing brick…simply because she knows what you do not know about your body’s immune system’s right balance. I mean: the truth and the real picture of your health! And, finally, Dr. Anne Dunev is the best diagnostician I ever acknowledged in my life. --Sorina B

Dr. Anne Dunev is amazing and has turned my life around. After seeing every major doctor in LA that could not figure out what to do for me she did! Her insight to your body and how it works with all the challenges of our environment and food in your life will allow you to feel good and get healthy. I went from 9 prescription drugs (that were not helping) to one. Drugs with side effects and were so hard on me. I am so lucky to have found her, and can only say: do yourself a favor and make a move to feel good. -- Warren C

Anne gave me the most effective program of supplements I've ever had, which fully handled several adverse situations. --Bill D