Simple Home Test for Candida


Doesn’t it seem like everyone has Candida these days? If you look on the Internet just about every type of symptom known to man is a sign of Candida. So, how do you really know if your symptoms are Candida?

First, let’s look at what Candida is. There are many kinds of yeast (single-cell organisms) in our intestinal tract, vaginal tract, mouth and sinus mucosa that are part of our normal internal “garden”. We can’t survive without all the friendly bugs that cohabitate with us, and perform assorted vital functions. Candida is one of the friendly guys that act like trash collectors and help to digest debris, in the same way that yeast digests sugar in a bread recipe.  But Candida has to live in balance with other good bugs. Over use antibiotics, eat a crappy diet, or get exposed to chemicals (like most Americans) and the Candida yeasties can grow out of control when other good bugs are absent. Have you ever planted mint in a garden? It spreads like wildfire and can take over all the space for itself. I learned this the hard way.

Fortunately the balance can be restored. It may not be enough to take any old probiotic. Dietary improvements, handling sugar cravings, addressing other gut issues such as Irritable Bowel, chronic constipation, toxic bowel or food allergies may be needed to fully restore the gut flora balance so your garden blooms. 70% of your immune system resides in your gut, and it is literally the soil on which health flourishes or languishes in your body.

Milton White, MD. believed that cancer is a chronic, infectious, fungus disease. He was able to find fungal spores in every sample of cancer tissue he studied. Our grain crops are contaminated with mycotoxins, or various types of fungus that live on grains like wheat. The mycotoxins are toxic to humans, and the fungicides used to control them are also toxic to humans. This is a major problem with all grain crops. 

 Discovering if you have candida and treating it effectively is vital to your long-term health. Do this test yourself at home as soon as you can. First thing in the morning, before you drink water or brush your teeth, spit into a tall glass of clean water. You may have to work up some spit if your mouth is dry. After a good spit, allow the glass of water to sit undisturbed and check it after a few minutes, an hour, and a few hours. If there is no Candida the water will remain clear. If there is a Candida overgrowth in your body the water will look like a science experiment. Long “legs” will develop and trail down to the bottom of the glass. White matter may pool in the bottom of the glass and the water may get cloudy, with white specks appearing.

If your test reveals that you have Candida, come in and get checked to find out exactly what personalized program you need to restore your gut flora balance. This is an important marker of your immune health, and if your test is positive, you will have other symptoms. But now we know. We can organize a treatment program and have you retest until the Candida is contained and you are on a healthier path. Let me know what your results are, and if you have any questions. Good luck with your test!