Easy Detoxification Without Pills!

If you hate taking supplements, there is a new detoxification/purificationh program designed for you! And it was developed by Standard Process, the leader in whole food concnentrated nutrition especially designed for optimum human health

If you read my blogs, you know that I write frequently about the need to detoxify the organs like kidney, liver, and colon. Honestly, with so many environmental toxins and chemicals I think it it almost impossible to get or stay healthy without supporting and enhancing the natural detoxification pathways in the body.

The body is actually much too complex for our modern lifestyles. For example, in order to fully neutralize harmful chemicals like pesticides and chlorine and solvents, the liver uses a first and second phase cycle. The toxins are not broken down to a safe level for elimination until toxins and chemicals have passed through both phases. But the second phase requires sulfur compounds and we modern humans have deficient diets and different degrees of genetic ability to operate a good Phase II detoxification. When toxins and metals are not broken down they can cause cellular damage.

Add to that the obesity problem, which can mean that the organs themselves have fat deposits in them. The abdomen may have a layer of fat on the outside of the muscles and organs, and that fat may be communicating with the brain through the hormonal system. That is bad enough. But if the fat invades the liver, for example, it will impair normal liver function since the liver was not designed as a fat repository. How does the fat get there? The culprits include high fructose corn syrup (currently added to almost all processed foods) and refined sugars. Fatty liver used to occur only in alcoholics, but not anymore.

Detoxification can be a first step towards handling cravings, losing weight, resetting metabolism, addressing sleep issues, reducing asthma and allergies, banishing foggy thinking, improving energy, clearing skin issues, balancing hormones, addressing Diabetes and low blood sugar, and arresting declining health.

With the new Standard Process 28-day Purification and Detoxification program you eat healthy meals and drink 1-3 shakes per day. No added supplements. The shake powder is designed to help you detox easily and painlessly by supporting the pathways for eliminating toxins.

The program guide has meal plans, recipes and more. Click here to learn about it. https://www.standardprocess.com/Products/Literature/SP-Detox-Balance-Program-Guide

Let me know that you want to try this program and get free shipping on the 28-day kit. If you cannot commit to 28 days, there is a 10-day program so that you can fit it into your schedule and get some benefits without the month-long commitment.

And, if you want more help with weight loss, stay tuned for another program that gives you five days of “foods” that mimic fasting, so you can eat and fast at the same time. You can alternate the five-day program with the Standard Process Purification program and reach your target weight healthier than ever, ending junk food cravings and building lean muscle.

This could be your year to tip the scales in your favor for a change, and be the slim healthy person who is peeking out from behind those extra pounds.

Are You Suffering From Inflammation?

Inflammation can be a defensive response in the body. When bacteria or viruses attack cells, the immune system goes into action, sending Killer T-cells and other white cells that are part of the Lymph system to activate an attack on the invaders. This may cause discomfort, such as when a sudden flu virus makes you feel weak and feverish. The name for this immune response is "cytokine storm" because of the fury of the response.

However, other factors may also cause a cytokine storm, such as autoimmune attacks, when the immune system turns on healthy tissue, causing destruction or inhibiting healing. Hashimoto's Thyroid disease is an example. Any time the immune system under- or over-responds, the health of the organ, gland, or system involved is compromised. The ideal immune system calmly and systematically recognizes all threats to the cells of the body and handles them accordingly. A fever may be an appropriate response to an immune threat, for example.

But an immune system that is over-responsive can cause many uncomfortable symptoms, such as mucus, runny nose, coughing, pain, skin eruptions, bloating, water retention, fatigue, and weakness. The immune system that is on high alert may not respond correctly to a more serious threat and any auto-immune response causes functional impairment a break down of the organ or gland. Some researchers consider many disease states to be an auto-immune response.

Flu shots and vaccinations further tax the immune system, causing a red-alert response that may weaken it in the long-run. Environmental toxins cause cellular damage that may trigger auto-immune destruction as the immune system gets confused by the dying cells and begins to attack healthy tissue.

Medical drugs pump up, by-pass, or suppress the body's immune system. They do not support healthy, intelligent immune response. Look to natural and herbal medicines to modulate, support, and aid the immune system to sort out healthy cells from invaders.

And now there is another way to help calm down inflammation, working through the blood and circulatory system. When inflammation occurs it is like a traffic accident with too many emergency vehicles on the scene. Traffic congestion occurs. With chronic inflammation, it is like the emergency vehicles getting stuck, so normal traffic (circulation of blood and lymph) does not resume. Getting red blood cells that carry oxygen and nutrients to the affected cells is vital for the survival of the cells. And the maximum survival of any type of cell determines the health of the gland or organ.

A medical device that is FDA cleared for pain, inflammation, and arthritis has been developed to get the blood flowing into areas of congestion and inflammation, bringing symptomatic relief as the cells are revitalized. The device is called the Avacen and nothing will help inflammation more. The Avacen is a treatment, not a cure, but can make some dramatic changes. I have seen pain reduction, significant improvement in stress and sleep, hair re-growth, reduced sinus congestion, skin healing from acne and eczema, and great improvement in spider veins and circulation. The Avacen will increase microcirculation in those with desk jobs and sedentary lifestyles, which affect so many of us. Check out the video here 


Emaill me at anne@annedunev.com to learn more about the Avacen, and how to try a treatment for yourself. The Avacen device is available for home use, as well. 

Getting nutrition and oxygen to the cells is the key to robust health, and the key to keeping the body young and fit. Living forever is not possible, but living longer and stronger certainly is. The Avacen can be an effective tool in the crusade to stay ahead of the health game.

Where Does the Fat Go When You Lose Weight?

Since we talk about fat “melting away” you might think it just turns to liquid. But the truth is that fat is broken down into carbon dioxide and water. Lose twenty-five pounds and 18 of those pounds will leave the body as carbon dioxide, through the lungs. You didn’t know that your lungs were such an important part of any weight loss program! https://www.livescience.com/49157-how-fat-is-lost-body.html

So, you might say that you need to breathe to lose weight. Of course, you need to breathe to live, so it works out. And working out, or at least moving around a lot, is one of the best ways to lose weight faster, and to stay in shape in general.

This may explain why people with Sleep Apnea, which means they stop breathing a few times during the night, tend to be over-weight. And it explains why aerobics and stretching exercises that emphasizes breathing, such as Yoga, are effective.

Can adding more oxygen help? There is some evidence of that, but you can’t just suck oxygen through a breathing tube and work off a Big Mac or donuts. The body has evolved over thousands of years and its habits are deeply ingrained. Eating real food, doing a moderate to strong exercise program, and getting plenty of deep, refreshing sleep, is still the most effective way to be at your best weight. https://www.fitday.com/fitness-articles/fitness/weight-loss/does-oxygen-therapy-help-with-weight-loss.html

How else can you use this information? One way is to make sure that you are breathing well at night and sleeping deeply. I have found that many people have sinus congestion, and some don’t realize it because they are so used to being slightly congested. Taking some homeopathic or herbal remedies to clear the congestion can help. Digestion is also an important component of good sleep. Food or environmental allergies may be affecting you more than you realized. Digestive enzymes, pro and pre-biotics can assist. Detoxification programs are generally very helpful for sleep. Don’t eat for a few hours before bed, and eat lightly at night. If you tend to get hungry before bed, eat some fat and protein in the evening to keep blood sugar level during the night. You should start to get hungry in the morning. If you don’t you may be eating too much at night.

Ask me about trying the Avacen microciruculation device in my office. FDA cleared for inflammation, it can clear the sinuses and get blood into the muscles that may have difficulty relaxing. The result for many is deeper sleep. One friend was getting up six times a night, every night. Doctors could find nothing wrong. His first two nights of using the Avacen he was able to sleep through the night for the first time in years. Another friendswoke up without lower back pain, and was able to get up and touch her toes in the morning, something she had not done in years.

Breathing properly might help. A physical therapist at our office taught me how to breathe more deeply, into the lower part of my lungs. It takes practice to undo old habits and I am trying to remember to breathe so that my belly expands with each breath. I have not noticed any weight loss, but I do feel that body relax more when I am breathing properly.

Breathing and exercise is all part of weight loss. But the best plan is to develop the lifestyle so that you don’t gain weight in the first place, and you have a default method for losing fast when you do, so the pounds don’t pile in. It is really too simple-eat like a healthy thin person. And that means eating less non-food and eating mostly real live food in moderate amounts. For most Americans there is simply too much non-food around us constantly. Spring is a great time to break old habits and turn over a new leaf on lifestyle, just when the trees are in bud.

Maybe it won’t be so hard to lose weight knowing that fat is just hot air and water, and not nearly as solid as it seems!





What You May Not Know About That Cough And How to Fix It

Between the smoke from the fires in California, the flu virus that is making the rounds, and the general increase in allergies and asthma, you are probably seeing a lot of coughing. If someone around you is coughing, or you are coughing, it can be annoying. Is it allergies or something contagious? Your doctor may be confused as to the source, but prescribe antibiotics "just to be sure".  Coughing is a natural response to clear the lungs. But it is also painful, irritating and disrupting. It is also a sign that your body and immune system needs help, regardless if the cough is due to smoke, pathogens, or allergies.

We think of lungs as a means of getting oxygen, but the lungs do more than that. Oxygen molecules pass from the tiniest branches of the lungs into the blood to get carried to the trillions of cells in the body. The cells give off carbon dioxide as waste, and the blood carries the carbon dioxide back to the lungs so it can be exhaled. Lung tissue and airways become swollen and blocked when we breathe smoke or other tiny particles. That impairs oxygen transfer and causes build-up of carbon dioxide waste. Lung tissue can then become permanently damaged if the particles you breathed are not removed. So, breathing in dirty air is one of the reasons we cough. And the whole body suffers at a cellular level when breathing ability is impaired. Did you know that the lungs would cover the surface of a tennis court if laid out flat? And the average person breathes of 13 pints of air every minute? https://lunginstitute.com/blog/never-knew-breathing-facts/

Using antibiotics for coughs has many liabilities. Viruses don’t respond to antibiotics. Respiratory infections, or sinus infections, may be fungus or candida based. Antibiotics will make these infections worse, and cause a deterioration in health generally. Many pathogenic bugs are now resistant to antibiotics, requiring more and stronger antibiotics. Every time you take a round of antibiotics you are harming your immune system in the long run. Yes, the damage can be undone. But it takes time, dietary changes, and a precise supplement program to really undo the damage. Check your tongue in the mirror. Your tongue can tell us much about your health status. PDFhttps://www.google.com/search?q=what+does+a+healthy+tongue+look+like+in+chinese+medicine&rlz=1C5CHFA_enUS779US780&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=_yoabvb5rwi9tM%253A%252CZEFFP11ZMrdPkM%252C_&usg=__jTL3oacMrFvB6FJvjRuJ7bm4ROA%3D&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwinxpDlzeLYAhVH4IMKHd6pDREQ9QEIdDAR#imgrc=DZy-K8UraUse1M:
A coated tongue indicates candida overgrowth, a pale tongue is blood deficiency, and a red-tipped tongue may indicate that your intestinal immune system is weak and your gut flora are not producing B vitamins. We have known since the 1940’s that the antibiotic drugs appeared to destroy the helpful gut bacteria that produce B vitamins. https://academic.oup.com/nutritionreviews/article-abstract/1/6/175/1872985?redirectedFrom=
This is not to say that there is never a place for antibiotic use. Antibiotics can save lives and must be used for certain deadly conditions. But even then, there is always the liability that there is collateral damage to the symbiotic gut bugs that populate the human intestinal wall.
The good news is that you don’t have to reach for antibiotics, unless the situation is dire, because there are highly effective solutions that will handle coughs and respiratory problems, and boost your immune system for the long term, making you healthier and more resistant.
Adding strong herbal remedies to your personal pharmacy can knock infections out, whether they are bacteria, viral, or fungus based. And we now know that many critters like to mix with other types of critters. So, an infection may have more than one component. And there is some evidence that bugs can morph to a different type inside the body. This is a principle of natural medicine that dates back to early 20th century. It is largely ignored by the Western Medical Establishment, the same people who brought us antibiotic-resistant Super Bugs, and still prescribe antibiotics without firm evidence of bacterial infection.
Standard Process and MediHerb are becoming leaders in the field of immune building, both for acute and immediate help, and long-term rebuilding of a compromised system. I was recently fighting off a flu, using my old stand-by Congaplex, augmented by Thymex and Calcium Lactate. I was not quite rising above it, so I added in Andographis from MediHerb, and in one day was beating it. MediHerb has recently released some other herbal preparations that can be used to wake a sluggish immune system and make it snap/pop to address virus, bacteria, parasitic and or fungal or mold organisms. The secret is to stay on the remedies long enough to reset the whole system. Add healthy nutrition, and you may find yourself stronger than you have been in years.
And since we now know that gut flora has some communication and feedback to the neuro-endocrine system (where the nervous system and hormonal system connect in the brain) more energy, mental clarity, and general feeling of well-being may result. Some of your daily struggles may be a result of your body being burdened with hidden infection.
This is cutting-edge science. Check out what the International Life Sciences Institute is discussing at their upcoming seminar on Nutrition and the Ageing Brain in Madrid, Spain,
“Microbiome (gut flora/bacteria) and Immune Status: Impact on Brain Function.” http://ilsi.eu/event/3rd-workshop-on-nutrition-for-the-ageing-brain/ It takes about ten years for research to be recognized and implemented in doctors’ offices. So, you are ahead of your doctor on this subject.
If you are suffering from any non-optimum body conditions, consider that your immune system may need a reboot. Even weight and metabolism can be affected by infections and impaired gut flora. Bloating and constipation are common signs, but there are many others that you may not recognize, such as chronic sinus congestion, skin problems, irritability, fatigue, and coughing. Contact me and I can help get you on the right program. With the increase in types of immune challenges we face today, a strong immune system can save you from years of suffering and inferior health. The right supplements that are real medicine for the immune system can turn your health around.