Inflammation Breakthrough

Imagine what happens when you decrease inflammation by improving blood flow!

Imagine what happens when you decrease inflammation by improving blood flow!


I was very impressed when I tried this device the first time. I Immediately noticed a difference in how I felt.

Inflammation can be a defensive response in the body. When bacteria or viruses attack cells, the immune system goes into action, sending Killer T-cells and other white cells that are part of the Lymph system to activate an attack on the invaders. This may cause discomfort, such as when a sudden flu virus makes you feel weak and feverish. The name for this immune response is "cytokine storm" because of the fury of the response.

However, other factors may also cause a cytokine storm, such as autoimmune attacks, when the immune system turns on healthy tissue, causing destruction or inhibiting healing. Hashimoto's Thyroid disease is an example. Any time the immune system under- or over-responds, the health of the organ, gland, or system involved is compromised. The ideal immune system calmly and systematically recognizes all threats to the cells of the body and handles them accordingly. A fever may be an appropriate response to an immune threat, for example.

But an immune system that is over-responsive can cause many uncomfortable symptoms, such as mucus, runny nose, coughing, pain, skin eruptions, bloating, water retention, fatigue, and weakness. The immune system that is on high alert may not respond correctly to a more serious threat and any auto-immune response causes functional impairment a break down of the organ or gland. Some researchers consider many disease states to be an auto-immune response.

Flu shots and vaccinations further tax the immune system, causing a red-alert response that may weaken it in the long-run. Environmental toxins cause cellular damage that may trigger auto-immune destruction as the immune system gets confused by the dying cells and begins to attack healthy tissue.

Medical drugs pump up, by-pass, or suppress the body's immune system. They do not support healthy, intelligent immune response. Look to natural and herbal medicines to modulate, support, and aid the immune system to sort out healthy cells from invaders.

And now there is another way to help calm down inflammation, working through the blood and circulatory system. When inflammation occurs it is like a traffic accident with too many emergency vehicles on the scene. Traffic congestion occurs. With chronic inflammation, it is like the emergency vehicles getting stuck, so normal traffic (circulation of blood and lymph) does not resume. Getting red blood cells that carry oxygen and nutrients to the affected cells is vital for the survival of the cells. And the maximum survival of any type of cell determines the health of the gland or organ.

A medical device that is FDA cleared for pain, inflammation, and arthritis has been developed to get the blood flowing into areas of congestion and inflammation, bringing symptomatic relief as the cells are revitalized. The device is called the Avacen and nothing will help inflammation more. The Avacen is a treatment, not a cure, but can make some dramatic changes. I have seen pain reduction, significant improvement in stress and sleep, hair re-growth, reduced sinus congestion, skin healing from acne and eczema, and great improvement in spider veins and circulation. The Avacen will increase microcirculation in those with desk jobs and sedentary lifestyles, which affect so many of us. Check out the video here

Emaill me at to learn more about the Avacen, and how to try a treatment for yourself. The Avacen device is available for home use, as well. 

Getting nutrition and oxygen to the cells is the key to robust health, and the key to keeping the body young and fit. Living forever is not possible, but living longer and stronger certainly is. The Avacen can be an effective tool in the crusade to stay ahead of the health game.