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What Does Prop 64 Really Bring to California?

Regardless of what you think about the legal use of marijuana for non-medical purposes, you should understand what Prop 64 really means.

Prop 64 is being pushed by big money interests to commercialize and market recreational marijuana. Many people think that no one should go to jail for smoking a little pot. That is not what this Prop is about. Commercialization and marketing of marijuana means that it will be marketed and advertised to adults. What does that mean for our kids?

Alcohol is not supposed to be marketed and advertised to kids. So, do kids turn off the TV when beer ads are shown? Apparently not, since alcohol is the most abused drug among California teen-agers.

Alcohol costs California billions of dollars for the social problems it creates, and leads the country as number one for alcohol consumption.


California is the largest alcohol market in the United States. In 2005 alone,Californians consumed almost 14 billion alcoholic drinks, which contributed to many severe and potentially fatal alcohol-related illnesses and conditions. Alcohol use also causes violent and non-violent crimes, as well as injuries and traffic collisions. While several studies have estimated the magnitude and cost of these problems nationally and others have analyzed underage drinking costs, no overall cost estimate at the state level currently exists for California. We present the first comprehensive estimate of the cost of alcohol consumption in California. 


Alcohol consumption in California led to an estimated 9,439 deaths and 921,929 alcohol-related problems, such as crime and injury in 2005. The economic cost of these problems is estimated at between $35.4 billion and $42.2 billion. Our main estimate is $38.5 billion, of which $5.4 billion was for medical and mental health spending, $25.3 billion in work losses, and $7.8 billion in criminal justice spending, property damage and public program costs. In addition, alcohol is responsible for severe reductions in individuals’ quality of life in California. We estimate that the disability caused by injury, the personal anguish of violent crime victims, and the life years lost to fatality are the largest costs imposed by alcohol. The total value for this reduced quality of life in California is between $30.3 billion and $60.0 billion. Our main estimate for quality-of-life costs is $48.8 billion


Do you think that legalizing marijuana will give us less of a drug problem? Do you want your kids eating THC-laced gummy bears on the way to school? Just as alcohol is regulated, so would pot. But the kids don’t seem to have much trouble getting their hands on alcohol, and there is no reason to think they could not figure out how to get marijuana, particularly when the edibles come in the form of candy bars, “pot tarts”, and chewing gum. A young patient of mine from Colorado Springs told me that pot shops are now as common as 7-11’s in Colorado.

Sound public drug policies are supposed to encourage less addiction and abuse. More drug use of any kind creates social problems that harm communities and families and clog social services. Regardless of whether or not you think that pot smoking should be decriminalized, realize that Prop 64 is not sound policy because it puts big money interests ahead of the well-being of families, kids and the community. It will allow George Soros, the largest investor in Monsanto, and Sean Parker (cofounder of Napster and first president of Facebook) to make billions of dollars when pot is advertised like cola drinks. Marketing is always aimed at the most vulnerable and gullible populations, so targeting young people, minorities, and under-served communities makes good business sense if money is your sole motivation.  It is speculated that Monsanto will create GMO marijuana seeds and may even intend to corner and patent the seeds in order to dominate the world market.

80% of addictive substances like tobacco and alcohol are consumed by 20% of the population. Drug manufacturers never want you to be responsible in your behavior. They want you dependent so they can have you as a life-long customer. Check this out to follow the money on Prop 64.

This is not about adult freedoms. It is about the “freedom” of greed and vested interest to market their wares to vulnerable people. Watch the celebrities and sports stars get on board for marketing purposes if Prop 64 passes. And what will our kids think about drug use then?

How harmful is marijuana to developing children? This has been a controversial topic, but it makes sense to be concerned about any chemical substance that is introduced to an immature system. For details about neuropsychological decline and decline in IQ for heavy users who started as adolescents see this study. c

This is not your grandmother’s pot anymore. I recall observing motivational issues in heavy pot smokers among my college classmates in the 70’s when the THC content was 1%. Through years of hybridization and sharing of seeds and plants, the marijuana growers have created plants that have a THC content that ranges from 16 to 32%, and may go even higher, as will you, if you smoke it. It would take 17.5 joints of the 1975 vintage to equal 1 joint today.

Marijuana plants do have medicinal properties and one company in particular is in late-stag testing. But guess what? It is not THC that is medicinal- it is another component of the plant called cannabidiol or CBD. When THC goes up, CBD goes down and vice-versa. So, the hallucinogenic and “high” aspect is not medicinal, but just the opposite. CBD has anti-inflammatory effects that hold promise for the treatment of pain and inflammation and a variety of conditions. We don’t need commercialized high dose THC marijuana for that purpose.

We may need reform regarding our laws about marijuana, but only 1% of our prison population is incarcerated for possession.

Since marijuana is already easily available in California, Prop 64 is not needed and, if passed, may cause great harm to our kids and teenagers at a time when their developing minds and neurological systems are most vulnerable.

“Other symptoms of Colorado’s pot culture include increased use among teens, resulting in educational problems in middle schools and high schools, a spike in “edibles”-related emergency room visits, consumption by children and pets resulting in illness and death and regulatory confusion surrounding public consumption and enforcement.”

“Marijuana-related emergency room visits grew 57 percent in two years, from 8,198 in 2011 to 12,888 in 2013, the study found, with a 29 percent increase in emergency room visits for teens. The report also found that drug-related suspensions and expulsions increased 32 percent between the 2008-2009 and 2012-2013 school years. The majority of expulsions were for marijuana violations.”

Raising teenagers is difficult enough these days. I am very grateful that my sons’ schools did not have more of a drug problem. It is now up to us to decide what kind of drug problems our kids and grandkids will face going forward. Prop 64 will surely make them worse.









What is Your Quality of Life?

Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "The quality, not the longevity, of one’s life is what is important."

Quality of Life. Noun: the general well-being of a person or society, defined in terms of health and happiness, rather than wealth. 

You may agree that the state of health can determine happiness. If you feel unwell or have pain, it is hard to feel happy. You may feel grateful for loved ones and circumstances in life, but being ill, or having uncomfortable or unwanted symptoms, can severely curtail the very activities that bring happiness.

Our current medical system is not geared towards health or happiness. When drugs alone are used to manage symptoms, there may be some temporary relief. But the side-effects alone can wear down the body and produce weakness in the organs and immune system that lead to further distress or foster disease. 

As a Naturopath my job (and my great passion) is to help determine which factors are the barriers to the body's innate ability to heal. And it is such a joy to witness those healing powers on a daily basis. 

Recently one of my long-term patients experienced a true medical miracle. Diagnosed with a blood/lymph cancer a couple of years ago, this brave lady set out on a journey to heal. She changed her diet, studies alternative treatments, and traveled to Europe twice to seek knowledgeable health professionals. All the while she also came to me for supplements and natural medicine to boost her immune response and supply the building blocks for healthy cells.

Many of you watched the "The Truth About Cancer", the series of videos that presented alternative treatments and survivors' stories from around the world. Based on what I learned from that program, I suggested adding Frankincense Essential Oil to my patient's regimen. She put it on her tongue and massaged it into the tumor, which was visible as a large lump on one side of her throat. Two weeks later, on her next visit, I asked how she was doing and she requested that I look at her throat, as I had done twice monthly for the past couple of years.

This time, there was nothing to see. The tumor had completely disappeared. Instead, I saw pink, healthy, and normal-looking tissue in the place of the tumor. I might not have believed that something could change so rapidly if I had not seen it with my own eyes.

Would the Frankincense Essential Oil have triggered the miracle on its own? We will never know. Perhaps it was just the final burst of support that the body needed for the immune system to slay the dragon. Certainly the patient needed to make the dietary changes she made, and she used many other intelligent and researched treatments-all of them alternative and all designed to support correct cell formation and restore the balance of health. 

And now that her health is restored, she is happier and busier than she has been in a long time. Her quality of life is greatly enhanced.

This is the power of natural medicine. We have been led to believe that natural medicine is not enough, that we need the chemicals and invasive treatments provided by Big Business Medicine. And sometimes we do and I am grateful for those treatments when they are correctly provided.

But there is a great deal of power in plant medicine, in nutrition, and in the loving support of our family, friends and dedicated practitioners. My first professor in Holistic Nutrition told us that our job was to help people find their own medical miracles. What I really prefer is helping you ensure that you never need one. 

Like Martin Luther King, Jr., I have a dream. I dream of a day when holistic medicine and conventional medicine are prescribed according to the needs of the person, without regard to bottom line of corporations. I dream of a day when yearly check-ups involve testing to see what is needed for prevention of disease and improvement in quality of life, and not to test whether you have a disease and are ready to take your turn on the medical Merry-go-round. I dream of a day when all kids have access to fresh, healthy, organic, non-GMO foods every day, at a price that is affordable for families. 

I hope you share my dream because we can make this happen. Meanwhile, let us know how we can help improve the quality of your life, as well the lives of your family and friends. What part of your health is preventing you from pursuing your own path to happiness?



The Vaccine Question

Whenever you have two sides feeling passionately about an issue, it may be time to regroup and take a new look at the issue.  As a holistic practitioner with a Western health science degree, I have been very interested in the issue of vaccination, and the safety factor. I wrote my first research paper on vaccination injury as an undergraduate at Ohio State University. I learned then that our approach to vaccination is inadequate and risky.

Would parents be against safe immunization that truly protected their child and was also completely safe?  Perhaps those with religious reasons oppose vaccination altogether.  But many concerned parents are not “anti” vaccine. They are simply anti a medical procedure that has not been proven safe and effective. The question is whether the risk of vaccination injury outweighs any benefit. The definition of immunity is the recognition of a pathogen and an immediate and correct response from the immune system so that the pathogen is contained before the disease has a chance to take hold.

This is not what current vaccinations do for children. Vaccinations stimulate an immune response, but in infants it is not the correct response. Until about the age of 1 year, infants get an immune response that weakens their immune system, instead of strengthening it.

True immunity is not established by vaccination and that is why booster shots are required.

If you are getting your information from the general media, please understand that you are being woefully misinformed. Media is run by corporate interests, so you are getting the “company line” of the pharmaceutical companies. For many children vaccination is a “clear and present danger”, to borrow a term from the military. Even the CDC Chief has admitted publicly (on CNN) that some children, about one in sixty, carry genetic information that might lead to autism, if there is a trigger, such as vaccinations or other trauma. That is a pretty high number of kids to put at risk.

There have been no long-term studies on the safety of the multiple vaccinations that are being performed today. And injecting a child’s body with 49 doses of vaccination before age six and 69 doses before age eighteen, with no long-term studies, seems like a crapshoot. In the U.S. there have been no reported cases of Diphtheria for years, and there are only 4-5,000 cases worldwide, yet it is still on the infant vaccination schedule.

For a table of contagious disease statistics worldwide see this from WHO.

There are other worrisome factors. After 1988, the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine was grown on fetal tissue from aborted fetuses. Some of the fetal tissue gets injected with the vaccine. After this, autism rates spiked. This is documented, and not a myth. Regardless of how you feel about abortion, does it make any sense to use human tissue to inject in an infant? The fetal tissue used has been “grown” from earlier fetal cells, so it is not supposed to be fresh fetal tissue. Nevertheless, the safety of these vaccines has not been established.

Heavy metals such as aluminum and mercury (thimerosal) are used in vaccines.  We know that heavy metal toxicity is a risk factor for all humans.

The C-section rate in the United States is 25%. The baby’s gut is seeded with vital flora as the baby passes through the birth canal and receives healthy bacteria orally from the mother’s vagina. Often women who have a C-section birth do not breast-feed. The immune system of a newborn is dependent on vaginal birth and the immunological factors in mother’s milk.

The umbilical cords of newborns contain 200 environmental toxins, according to studies. This means that the infant is exposed before it leaves the womb.

Perhaps autism is a perfect storm of factors that could be controlled. We can reduce the toxic burden in the environment. We can improve maternal nutrition and health care to reduce C-section rates. We can encourage breast-feeding.

And we can do the studies and research to make safe and effective vaccines. One safe alternative may be homeopathic vaccines called “homeoprophylaxis”. HP has been used for cholera, polio, meningitis and other diseases. The level of protection is comparable to pharmaceutical vaccines, with absolutely no risks of adverse effects or injury. In fact, the homeopathic approach may actually strengthen the immune system, rather than assault it.

And we can uphold the rights of all parents to make health decisions for their family. Remember that giving up freedoms to central controls is never a good road to travel. It inevitably leads to less freedom for everyone.

Given the fact that we have rising childhood statistics on obesity, asthma, cancer, developmental and behavioral problems, and autoimmune issues, along with autism, I suggest that the Pharmaceutical companies should be required to do everything it takes to ensure the long-term health and well being of our children. It is very possible that the current method of vaccination will seem as wrong-headed as bloodletting, in years to come. Parents are now trained to take their kids to the doctors on regular schedules, which makes money for the pediatricians, but has not produced a healthier generation of kids. No one is demanding that Pharmaceutical companies take responsibility for what they inject in our children. In fact, the law says that you cannot sue for vaccine injury, except in a special Vaccine Injury Court. If vaccines are so safe, why pass such a law?

If you choose to vaccinate, there are ways to do it more safely, and I am happy to pass on that information. But I also ask that you respect the health freedom of those who choose not to vaccinate, whether for religious or health reasons. Denying basic rights like personal choices about medical treatment is a slippery slope. The next freedom to be taken away may be one that you hold dear.

Herd immunity theory is a completely unproven, and I suggest that it is used to frighten parents into compliance. Your immune system does not care at all whether my immune system is immunized or not. You are a separate system completely, and you will fight your own immune battles and I will fight mine.  We already have very high numbers of vaccinated children, and almost no contagious childhood disease.  We need to focus on other health issues for our kids, like nutrition and physical activity. A healthy diet, beginning with breast milk as an infant, will do more for the immune system and protection from disease than almost any other measure. We can agree on one important thing. We want the best possible health for our children.

For more information on homeopathic vaccination, here is a free course.