The Well Body Clinic approach and the tools for natural health.


We talk a lot about disease in this country. And we have dozens of specialist Medical doctors who dissect our bodies and treat the few square inches that are their specialty.

What we are lacking is Wellness Doctors. These are the practitioners (like the Well Body Clinic) that who actually help us to stay well and prevent us from becoming a victim of disease, or who help get the body into a healing mode if a disease has taken root.

I am a Wellness practitioner. My intention is to help you get well and stay well. This involves using Nutritional Medicine and Natural Herbal or Homeopathic Medicine.

In our modern world our bodies need concentrated nutrition, detoxification, hormone balancing, re-alignment of nerve and blood flow, and immune support.

This is what I do. This is prevention, anti-aging, re-building and wellness. Each person is unique, but every person needs some of this to get and stay well, have energy and live younger longer.

Your program will be unique to you. That is why you cannot find the answers on Dr. Google. You need a wellness practitioner who can help you harness your own healing powers and help you reach your own health and lifestyle goals.

What Is A Naturopath and Why Should I See One?

A Naturopath is a doctor or practitioner who uses natural medicine rather than drugs and surgery. Health is a spectrum from perfect health to serious disease. Although Naturopathic medicine can help if you are seriously ill, the real job of a Naturopath is to handle your health issues BEFORE they become serious. Most health problems are matter of function, not disease. So, if you have uncomfortable symptoms, and your medical doctor cannot find anything, a Naturopath and Nutritionist can get to the root cause of the symptom, and handle that.  When you improve the function of a gland or organ, the symptom goes away and you feel (and look) better. Everything we do at Well Body Clinic will make you healthier in the long run. And we work very hard to give you fast relief from your symptoms.

Effective Herbal Medicine

If you have tried herbal remedies from the store in the past, and not seen much result, understand that herbal medicine has everything to do with how it is prepared. Traditional herbalists will consider when the plant is picked, the location, and the part of the plant that is used. Then the process of extraction of the medicinal qualities is also a vital step.

Mostly we use an Australian line of herbal medicine, because in Australia herbs are regulated like pharmaceutical here. The potency is tested carefully, so that you get real medicine in herbal form.

Herbal medicine can work quickly. We have a few that you can often feel the effects in just a few minutes, such as a high quality Kava, to calm your nerves, and Rhodiola Ginseng to give you a lift and stamina. The constituents of the herbs we use are loved by your body, and will help you adapt better to hormonal changes, stress and immune challenges.

Using Nutrition as Medicine

There are two main ways that Nutrition becomes medicine. First, changing your eating pattern, or improving digestion, allows you to absorb the nutrients from your food, so that you are getting the benefits. When you eliminate foods that are inflammatory, or deficient, your system is able to get back to a more ideal state.

You already know that there are far too many processed foods. These are mostly chemicals and not really food at all. Even sugar acts more like a chemical than a food, as it devoid of any nutrient value and it is addictive. Human bodies just weren’t designed to thrive on chemicals.

Plants pull minerals from the soil, and those are the building blocks of the body. Proteins are broken down to amino acids and peptides, and they are used by every cellular reaction in the body, so are vital for healthy and strength. Fats provide essential fatty acids, and they must carry other nutrients into the system and are used to protect the cells. Think of fats as ways to put out the fires of inflammation and to provide a protective membrane around nerve cells. Keeping the body young and supple and hydrated is a function of all the vital nutrients.

Vitamins are “vital” to cell function. This is another area where natural is better. The first research into vitamins was always done with food source. Synthetic, laboratory-made vitamins, taken in high doses, may actually be toxic for the body, and should be used under supervision of a health practitioner.

The second way that nutrition is medicine is in the form of whole food concentrates. This allows you to get higher amounts of the active ingredients, and not have to eat a bushel of food to do it. We use the finest whole food supplements in the world, made at an organic farm in Wisconsin. This company, Standard Process®, has done 80 years of research into nutrition to get people well and they developed the first multi-vitamin supplement ever produced, in 1929.

Organ Release and Soft Tissue Manipulation

There is an old French technique, developed over 100 years ago, that helps your organs to release toxins and waste products. We live in a far more toxic environment today, so this technique works very well. Using organ release we can work on an area where there is a barrier to healing, and get the organ to flush, so you start to feel better before you have to wait for medicine to work.

Viruses and other pathogens often hide in warm dark places, like the gall bladder. So, when a cold or flu has you feeling miserable, we can flush the organ and you often feel better before you leave the office. It is a simple manipulation technique performed with the hands, and it works very effectively. This is just one of our services that sets us apart so that you get a faster result.


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