How we work with you.
First, we listen


Have you tried to explain your symptoms and concerns to a doctor only to be brushed aside or have them ignored because your blood work is “normal”?

High-tech medicine today is oriented toward fast, impersonal diagnosis leading to set treatments with drugs and surgery. At Well Body Clinic we aim to restore health by stimulating the innate healing ability programmed into the DNA or every cell.

It is a different approach. So we listen and ask the right questions to understand you as an individual. And, we are very interested in your progress as you improve.


Second, we look past the symptoms


So many health problems today are not “disease” but stem from low-functioning glands, organs and other systems in the body. We go deeper than just giving a name to your symptoms.

We find out what your body is trying to correct, what systems are working below par, what functions or systems are out of balance. We also examine immune challenges, nutritional deficiencies and environmental factors that inhibit healing.

It just makes sense that if you never get to the real root of the problem then you never really get better. 


Then, you really start to feel better.


We develop a personalized program to restore and support the balance, function and healing of your body--all targeting the root cause of the problem. The program may include whole food concentrates, herbal medicine, homeopathy and physical handlings like soft-tissue manipulation and organ-release.

It is a unique, well-rounded approach based on understanding what is really going on and how to apply our knowledge of nutrition and natural medicine to help your body heal. We help you gain more control of your health.

Will it help you feel better? Experience the results for yourself.


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