The Well Body Clinic uses effective, drug-free, natural approaches to improving common health problems.


Energy and Sleep

Most people want more of both. And it is natural for the body to have enough of both. You have to understand how the body gets energy and what allows the body to sleep. Fix those functions (often related to adrenals-those little glands above the kidneys that make adrenaline) and the body can sleep and have energy. There are other possible functions that need to be checked out. There is no magic cure, except drugs, and those come with a big price. If you cannot sleep or you are tired, that is a clue that something needs to be fixed.

Weight Loss

Hormone imbalance is always a factor. It might be thyroid, it might be blood sugar imbalance, setting off afternoon energy crashes and cravings for carbs. It might be that weakened adrenals are producing too much cortisol (the stress hormones) at the wrong times, causing the pounds to pile on, even when you feel you are starving. Environmental toxins, too much sugar, junk foods, lack of sleep, worry and stress, and simple over-eating can all affect the hormones that govern metabolism.  There is a normal human shape-the waist is smaller than the hips. If yours is not, you are setting yourself up for long-term problems. Food becomes addictive, but you can break the cycle, without starving.


We do Total Hormone Balancing. The endocrine-hormonal system works together like an orchestra. Every gland must be playing an instrument to make beautiful music. The thyroid is your conductor. And thyroid is key to metabolism, cancer protection and energy. But the thyroid needs a little help from its friends, the other glands. If you are not feeling your best, there is a very good chance that your hormones are out of balance. The nervous system and the endocrine system feed back information every second of every day. If there is an interference or glitch in the system, there are many symptoms. Just replacing hormones, even after menopause or andropause, is never the answer. Restoring function and communication in the body gets rid of the symptoms, and ensures lasting your well-being.


No, you do not have to suffer hot flashes, irritability, night sweats or weight gain. These symptoms can all be relieved with a natural medicine and a hormone- balancing program. Do you need bio-identical hormones? Not necessarily. That is an individual decision, and depends on many factors. I never recommend hormones as a drug to relieve symptoms. Get the body healthy and in balance with the change and that is true anti-aging and a design for living younger longer.


A body can be old at 20 or young at 80. We are supposed to live to be 130, according to biology. And, despite any age-related decline, you can feel great and be active all your life. It does take planning, care and management, though, because our current environment is a constant challenge. You take care of your house and your car-why not your body? Find out which parts of your body are getting more wear and tear and support those. That is true prevention.


Bloating, gas and poor elimination are health concerns. Toxins may be absorbed into the blood stream, spreading them throughout the system through the blood. This is the cause of inflammation, which is dangerous to your heart and circulation. Sore joints? Asthma and allergies? Weakened immune system? Autoimmune disease? Overweight? Consider your intestine may be toxic. Our current environment is actually too full of toxins not to make it vital that you guard yourself by adding a gut-health program. Just taking Probiotics is not usually enough, if you have taken many antibiotics or if you don’t eat an all-organic, sugar and white carb-free diet. And very few of us do.


Life would be very dull if we had no stress in our lives. But life can be pretty miserable if we have too much stress at a time. But even a small amount of stress is too much of our glands of adaptation are not working. There is a feedback loop between those little adrenal glands over the kidneys and the glands that sit in the mid-brain, the pituitary and the hypothalamus. They influence our entire systems, from reproduction and sex responses to heart and brain function. Adrenal glands can be supported and even revived. That starts your engine again and makes life bearable, or even fun. Most people need adrenal help of some sort. Your medical doctor has no solutions, so they don’t mention adrenals much. But herbal and nutritional concentrates can make all the difference, and you will feel more able to cope pretty quickly.

Fertility and Libido

You may have already guessed that these issues are hormonal. I have helped many couples become fertile and have babies, or rekindle their normal sex drive. The key is to get the right hormones surging, but also to make sure that the cells that receive the hormonal signals are receiving. Don’t jump to dangerous drugs. There are many natural medicine answers that actually fix the underlying problem, so that your dreams and desires for yourself, your partner and your family, are realized.

Acne and Skin Issues

You may have heard the old saying “Beauty is only skin deep”, but when it comes to beautiful skin, that is not true. Skin is a reflection of what is going on inside the body, in the organs and blood. If the organs like liver, gall bladder, intestine and kidneys are congested and toxic, the normal detoxification routes are blocked. This causes toxins to leak back into the blood and the next exit ramp is usually the face.

Hormones also play a big part in skin health and beauty. Acne, rashes, hives psoriasis, eczema, and other skin issues are all warning signals that something internally is out of balance. Even premature wrinkling and dry skin can be helped with natural medicine and nutrition.

We love treating skin and we have a unique inside/outside approach. Using Bio Photonic Light Therapy, plus getting to the root cause of the skin issue, we can get your skin cleared up and glowing. Since there are no drugs or harmful treatments, you get results and you are healthier. Don’t just treat the surface-treat your skin the way Nature does-at a deeper cellular level.

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