New Year’s Diet-What to ADD for Weight Loss

So often we think of losing weight as matter of deprivation and taking away foods we rely on for fun and comfort.

This year you might try taking a different approach. Instead of making a list of foods to resist and remove, try making a list of health additions that you can add in.

A major part of long-term dieting success means changing the way you eat so that you eat like a thin person. Our bodies get used to what we put into them, and removing things can be a challenge, especially when we are tired or stressed.

So, a more workable regimen might include adding foods to create new patterns in your eating. By adding in healthy choices, your body may be more willing to let go of the previous habits. Here are some suggestions:

1)   Add in one green salad every day. Find a green salad that you like, but try to include a variety of greens and vegetables, or rotate your choices. Choose at least five different vegetables to eat every day. Enjoy plenty of different lettuce greens, well washed and organic. You can eat the salad as your meal, with a choice of protein included. You can eat the salad before the meal, to decrease appetite. Or enjoy the salad at the end of the meal, like some Europeans do. The fresh greens may decrease your desire for dessert. Make your own dressing from olive oil, lemon or balsamic vinegar and spices or mustards. Email me for my favorite recipe.

2)   Trying to avoid grains, but missing cereal? Try the new Paleo cereals made with coconut flakes, available online at Amazon or Thrive Market. on the almond, hemp or raw organic milk and crunch away. This is also a good dessert choice. For kids, add in a scoop of protein powder. You can add raw nuts or flax or chia seeds, too.

3)   Eat more soup. Studies show that soups help people lose weight, especially if eaten before a meal, or as a meal substitute. If you want a snack before bed, soup is a good choice. There are organic soups available, or make your own in a crock pot and come home to the fragrance of your favorite soup simmering. Soups can be made ahead and frozen for a quick meal, or taken to work in a thermos. Freeze leftover veggies and bones from meat to make your own Bone broth. Here are some recipes for inspiration.

There are three ideas to get January off to a good start. Let me know other ideas you have. There is an abundance of junk foods and treats all around us. Fortunately, there is also an abundance of healthy food to keep you satisfied and on the road to a slimmer body that will make life easier because you are feeling better.

If appetite is a problem, we have Garcinia Cambogia and other appetite aids. Drink plenty of water and eat slowly, enjoying each bite. So many of us take no time for meals, despite the fact that our very lives depend on eating!

Happy New Year! May all your resolutions bring long life, warm friends and dreams realized.


10 Hacks For a Slimmer, Merrier Holiday


1.     Choose your treat before the feast.

Decide which type of treat you want to indulge in before each festivity. Choose breads or desserts, for example, but not both. For most people the starch in bread metabolizes like cake, so choosing one or the other prevents a double helping of sugar.

2.     Load up on the healthy stuff when you first arrive at a party. Take the edge off your appetite with the crudité, vegetable dips, olives and other low calorie snacks. Cheese and nuts, although healthy, quickly pile on calories.

3.     Volunteer to bring a dessert and make it sugar-free by using stevia or xylitol. That way you can enjoy a good helping of something sweet without blowing your diet. And you may be surprised how many people enjoy your dessert and ask for the recipe. Here are some recipes made with stevia.  Another sugar-free suggestion is to serve berries with whipped cream sweetened with Stevia instead of the usual pies or cakes. You can use some English Toffee Stevia to give the cream a more Holiday feel. Sweetleaf carries a dozen flavors of liquid stevia and has many recipes to try.

4.     Try using coconut flour or nut flours instead of wheat for your holiday baking. These grain-free substitutes are higher in protein and lower in carbs. And you may start a new Holiday tradition. Here are other suggestions for making healthier cookies.

5.     Drink a glass of water for every alcoholic drink you have. Pace yourself, set your drink down, switch to a bubbly water with lemon. Alcohol metabolizes like sugar, and it is toxic for the liver. A clear head and engaged mind makes you a more interesting party guest!  Milk Thistle before and after indulging will help you avoid a hang-over. We have the best in our Livco from MediHerb.

6.     Avoid chocolate when you are enjoying other rich, fatty foods. Chocolate is particularly difficult for the liver/gall bladder to process. If you suffer from any kind of migraines or headaches, try eliminating chocolate and see if the headaches subside. Even the best dark chocolate may cause headaches for some people. Chocolate may be particularly aggravating right before the menstrual period. Try taking extra magnesium at that time.

7.     Get family and friends active with games and walks and activities that keep people away from too much food or alcohol. Americans gain an average of 7 pounds at Christmas and many don’t lose it throughout the year.

8.     Don’t skip meals just because you are busy. Plan ahead so that you keep your blood sugar stable by including protein and fat in every meal and eating every few hours. Decide that you don’t have to sample every cookie that is offered or indulge in the treats around the office. Keep a supply of fruits, veggies and other healthy snacks around so that you aren’t starving when the parties start. You can also make pots of soup to enjoy for a filling treat to take to the office or enjoy when you come home tired.

9.     Indulge yourself in other ways than goodies and food treats during the Holidays. Get a massage. Ask for one for a gift or treat yourself. Enjoy herbal teas. Try Slippery Elm tea to soothe the tummy and Licorice tea to support the adrenals. Indulge your senses with essential oils. Peppermint essential oil is a wonderful pick-me-up in the morning or before a night out. Eucalyptus essential oil eases breathing and congestion. Lavender is a classic for relaxation and sleep. Essential oils can be used simply by putting a few drops on a hanky and breathing the scent. Children love them. You can also mix a few drops with a carrier oil like coconut and rubbing on temples or chest.

10. On the days between celebrations eat a simple diet with lots of salad, protein of choice, and dressings of good oil and lemon or vinegar. Give your digestion and your pancreas a break and stick to a Paleo regime.  Look at your calendar ahead of time and decide which days you will stick to a healthy plan. Write it down so you don’t forget.

Don't forget your supplements during the Holidays, especially if you are traveling. We can mail to you if you don't have time to come to the office. If you are stressed, try our wonderful herbal line that is sure to calm and soothe in just a few minutes. Enjoy this Holiday Season, with all its blessings.