How To Avoid Gall Bladder Surgery

I have followed Dr. Micheal Eades’ work for years, because he wrote a book called, “Protein Power”, describing how Type II Diabetics can change their eating regime and recover from their state of metabolic malfunction. This was long before anyone heard of Paleo.
In a new blog post, Dr. Eades describes a non-drug approach to gall stones and I think it is worth passing it on. Medical doctors take out gall bladders very easily, and it is major surgery, with all the attendant risks. Also, the gall bladder performs a pretty vital function, of emulsifying fat so that it can be utilized by the body for cellular function. Remember that the real health of the body is always determined at a “micro” or cellular level, which is one reason that Western medicine is so ham-handed when it comes to chronic disease. The body is a complex and somewhat delicate system and drugging and cutting is rife with complications.

Dr. Eades does not know that there are other ways to handle gall stones that holistic doctors are taught. The best thing is always to prevent gall stones in the first place,  by eating a whole foods diet, with healthy fats and avoiding sugar and grains. But if gall stones are a problem not everyone has access to natural methods, so you can pass on this information and hopefully it will help some people keep their body parts.