Should You Get a Flu Shot This Year?

We are conducting a human experiment on a grand scale with flu vaccination. Mild short term reactions include body aches, inflammation at the site of the shot, tiredness. More serious reactions include Guillain-Barre syndrome and shingles and encephalitis.

According to Dr. Dan Harper, who sits on the Board of the Price-Pottenger Foundation, “the flu vaccine lacks efficacy (effectiveness) because the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has to guess which strain of influenza will be dominant in a particular year and it doesn’t always guess correctly.

They (the CDC) only choose three to five strains of influenza A out of 250-plus strains, and they take only two or three influenza B strains out of 75-100 that are out there at any one time. If they don’t guess the right one, you’re going to get sick. You’re putting your faith in the CDC’s ability to guess the one that might be a pandemic.”

One question that is important to ask, is what are the long term effects of any medical procedure? When it comes to flu vaccines hat is very difficult to answer, since there may well be cumulative effects of getting vaccinated year after year. No studies are being done on the long-term effects and if the adverse effects are silent because the damage is done at a cellular level, then it may be years before we have real data.

We certainly have more cancer, more autoimmune disease, more skin rashes, more allergies, more mental health issues than ever before. We know that antibiotics are over-presecribed, and weakening our immune systems. Vaccines contain a list of chemicals and preservatives, including mercury derived thimerosol, so they also add to our toxicc burden, and therefore burden t.

So, there are several factors to consider. If you are prone to colds and flus and seasonal illness, or you work in a setting where people are frequently ill, the flu vaccine may not be the answer. Building your own immune system is a much wiser path.

Many of my patients report to me that they stay well even when their children and co-workers are sick, when they are on my programs and supplements.

With a natural medicine program you don’t have to worry about any side-effects or adverse reactions. You are building your own immunity. That should mean that you are helping your body be less prone to more serious diseases down the road.

During flu season it is important to get enough sleep, eat whole foods instead of processed foods and sugar, and limit alcohol. Get some exercise, breathe deeply, laugh often and stay cheerful. Your attitude and constitution are your best defenses, not chemicals in a syringe.

I can usually help people improve their basic health or to stay healthy, and recover more quickly. It is okay to come in for a consultation when you are sick. Soft-tisuse work on the organs can help more virus through more quickly. Herbal medicine like Echinacea and Andographis, as the whole food supplements are safe and effective.

The adrenals play an important role in immune health. Anyone who has allergies, asthma or frequent seasonal illness has weak adrenals, and often will also have compromised digestion.

The truth is you can come through the winter stronger and healthier than ever, without the flu vaccine.