New Service-Light Therapy for Healing

Many of my patients have already experienced the healing power of photonic Light Therapy. Harnessing a certain spectrum of light, the cells of the body respond to the various wave lengths that calms inflammation and seems to open up pathways so that healing can occur.
Now Light Therapy is being studied for more applications, as you can see from the article below. To experience the light yourself, for skin conditions, stress, pain and inflammation, etc, call the office to schedule a treatment at a special Holiday price. 818-562-1400.
Scientists claim they could be more effective at keeping you alert than caffeine 
Smartphones and other gadgets used before bed can cause restless nights because their light causes melatonin suppression – a chemical which controls the body clock.
But there are some positives, according to a recent study, that looks at how blue light can make the brain more alert if it is used at the right time.
Researchers at Mid Sweden University compared the effects of caffeine and blue light on the brain and found them both to have a positive effect.
Interestingly, people exposed to blue light performed better on tests of brain function that included a distraction.
The same distraction, however, proved too much for caffeine users, who performed poorly.
‘Blue light and caffeine demonstrated distinct effects on aspects of psychomotor function,’ said the authors of the report.
‘It has the potential to positively influence a range of settings where cognitive function and alertness are important.’
The study builds on research that suggests blue light can improve cognitive abilities such as memory, alertness and reaction time.
Although harmless to tissue, blue light is strong enough to trigger biological effects in the body, and it’s being used increasingly for a range of medical treatments.
For instance, doctors at the University Hospital of Heidelberg have developed a patch that emits blue light to treat pain.
Blue light may also help combat bad breath.
Just two minutes’ exposure to blue light from lamps used for tooth whitening was enough to kill bacteria in saliva associated with bad breath, according to one study.
Even blind people are able to get the cognitive benefits from blue light exposure, according to a recent research.
Research from the University of Montreal found that even when vision is impaired and objects can no longer be seen, changes in light still register in the brain and blind people can tell when a light is switched on or off.
The research could have far-reaching effects in the treatment of blind people, as well as in other cognitive disorders, because doctors can potentially use light to activate specific parts of the brain.
While the caffeine study used hour-long light exposure times to match the effects of caffeine, previous research has shown changes to brain function can occur with just 50 seconds of blue light exposure.
This appears to be a true medical breakthrough, so watch for more applications in the future. And may Light help you to heal.