How To Enjoy Holiday Indulgence Without Paying For It

It is deeply embedded in human culture to feast at Holidays, and over-indulge in food and drink. When food and drink were not so abundant, and available on every corner, those traditions probably did not impact the health as much. Also, the food was all organic and the drink locally brewed or prepared.
Gathering with family and friends to celebrate is important, so there are a few things you can do to make sure that you enjoy but your health, digestion and general well-being do not suffer.

Don’t starve yourself all day as a way to save calories. Eat small protein meals earlier, like eggs or protein shakes. This will keep your blood sugar more stable and keep your mood lifted so that you can enjoy being with your family, and they enjoy being with you. This will also be vital if you plan to drink alcohol. And if you arrive at the table hungry but not ravenous, you may eat a bit less so that you can enjoy more left-overs.

Many of you have learned the technique I use for pushing the stomach back behind the diaphragm to encourage digestion and this is a good night to practice the technique. Taking more digestive enzymes like Zypan, Multizyme or Enzycore will help you avoid heartburn or bloating from a big meal. Wait awhile before eating dessert. Gymnema (herbal pancreatic support) will help with the extra sugar. If fatty foods bother you and gall bladder congestion is an issue, take extra AF Betafood. Two Livco (herbal liver support) before drinking alcohol and 2 more before bed will help your body metabolize alcohol so you avoid feeling the effects the next day.

Be sure to drink plenty of water all day. Try to take a long walk and do some stretching.

Enjoying the bounty does not mean that your health has to suffer, if you give your body some extra support.

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Lucas and I wish you a wonderful Holiday filled with the best of foods, the best of friends and the love of your families.