Why Is It So Hard To Lose Weight?

Once someone needs to lose more than twenty pounds, they have stepped out of the land of normal human metabolism into a lost world of Diet Hell. It may still be possible to lose a few pounds, but many people complain they just seem to gain it all back-and then some. They sweat, they sacrifice and it becomes a nightmare of yo-yo dieting, all for naught as the pounds and inches just won’t budge, or creep back up.

The body seems to forget how to lose and is hanging on to the new weight as if it’s very life depended on it.  The best thing is to never let yourself gain more than five pounds over your ideal weight, no matter your age. No, it is not normal or necessary to gain weight as you age. And you can keep a male or female physique, also, with defined waistline and a sexy shape.

If it is already too late, the answers are not easy. Once your body has forgotten how to be a “normal” human shape, it will mean a lifetime commitment to regaining it—and especially to keeping it.

Please forget the word “diet”. Drop it from your vocabulary and from your universe. Dieting has come to mean deprivation, boredom, and bad-tasting food.  Think instead of “eating to have a great life”. That means that your body functions well, your hormones are humming and you are full of energy, sleeping well and feeling on top of the world. Imagine having no attention on your body, or on how you felt.

You can enjoy gourmet food and eat like a king or queen, if you stick to the foods that are going to give you a sleek body and that great life. That means foods that are alive, foods that spoil quickly, foods that impart life-sustaining nutrients.

If you are eating processed, chemical, sugar-laden dead foods, you are digging your grave with a spoon. And the worst thing is, you are going to feel like you are digging a grave in the meantime. Living food won’t help your body live forever. But it will make all the difference in how well you feel and how much you can accomplish and whether the journey is fun.

If you are medicating yourself with crap-ohydrates in order to make up for a dead-end job and unhappy life, it is time to make some changes. If you cannot control your life at the moment, you can start by getting more control over what you eat. And maybe that will give you the energy you need to take the steps to make some lasting changes.

I have many tools to help, from full Detox programs, to hormone balancing, to weight loss aids like HCG, Garcinia Cambogia, and Cleanse Caps. There is an observable phenomenon-the body craves junk when it is full of gunk. The more gunk, the more cravings. Natural practitioners learned this principle after the Gulf Wars, from returning Vets who had been exposed to excessive and un-named vaccinations, radiation, and chemicals.

If you are having trouble kicking the junk, you are full of stuff that is gumming up your works. Don’t assume that you are just an addict and can’t do anything about it. A healthier body wants healthier food. So, start a detox process and escape the junk food prison.


Book a free 15 minute consultation, in person or on the phone, to talk about your options. And watch this video that offers an interesting explanation about why it is hard to lose weight just by counting calories. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGP3NbP7O2w