Posture-Feeling Better By Moving Smarter

Posture. So last century, right? Or maybe not. How you hold your body and how you move might have a lot to do with your health and fitness-maybe even your mental health.

Ask fitness experts from Down Under, Rudi and Tracey Marshalian. They can offer you a complete evaluation on how you are moving, how you may be mis-training and losing some of the benefits, or doing yourself some long-term harm. They can adapt a training program to your lifestyle and fitness needs. I am not a gym-rat, but I thought their analysis was spot-on and was very willing to use a gym, with their kind of guidance. Check out their site at

Posture also affects how your organs function. If you are hunched over your computer and sit for hours that way, you may well be affecting the ability of the digestive organs to operate correctly. This is another reason to get up and stretch and move. Fat accumulation around the organs, due to high sugar, starch or chemical junk foods, will also inhibit function internally.  That principle has been known since the 1920’s. A Dr. Goldthwaite, in “Body Mechanics” wrote that “sag” of the abdomen might be causing the look of a fat stomach, when the problem was really one of a mis-aligned body due to lack of correct movement and structural strength. This can be corrected with some guidance and strength training.

After my last blog, a friend named Alan wrote that he was inspired to get a desk treadmill. Yes, you now can walk (or jog?!) on a treadmill while working at a desk at the same time. There are many versions at different price ranges, but here is a link to one on Amazon.

The invitation to check out the soft rebounder in my office is still open. Here is the link to their website so you can read about why this is a superior mini-trampoline.  I have really enjoyed the benefits of using this form of exercise because the bounce is so comfortable and fun. You can get much more of a full body work-out, by using some light weights and following the exercises on the video that comes with it. For improving flexibility, back strength and for ease on joints, I think this is one of the best forms of exercise around.

NASA found that the mini-trampoline was more effective than running for astronauts trying to stay fit in weightless conditions.  All mini-trampolines offer benefits. But the soft rebounder is more fun to use and easiest on the knees, ankles and back and other joints.

And if you want a Needak soft rebounder for yourself, call us about a discount off the retail price.