Treating Pain At a Cellular Level-Drug Free!

Do You Know Anyone in Pain?

There is nothing more debilitating than pain. Whether the pain is temporary or chronic, it rivets our attention, depletes our energy and saps our will.  Medications for pain are always toxic for the liver, and become less effective over time, causing increased dosages and risk of addiction.

Here is a success story from a doctor after using Bio Photonic Light Therapy with a wounded soldier returned from Afghanistan. On January 10th we used the Celluma device (Bio-Photonic Light Therapy) with the Wounded Warrior Project – Camp Pendleton Division. It was used with a recently returned soldier who was suffering from what was described to us as “excruciating” back pain. On January 27th we got a report that he was out of pain and OFF PAIN MEDS!!!!!  

If you know of anyone who would like to try this therapy, developed by NASA, for pain, please pass the word. And any returning soldiers are welcome to have free treatments here at the office.

In recent months I have explored many types of pain treatment methods, from laser to robotic physical therapy devices.  I chose the Bio Photonic Light Therapy device because it is as effective as laser, but safer, and so easy to use that the device can also be used at home. It requires only a half hour of time, and relief from pain and inflammation is usually experienced with the first treatment. It does take a series of treatments to facilitate healing, but can bring freedom from managing pain with drugs. It also enhances physical therapy or chiropractic treatment. Most people find the experience relaxing and stress reducing. I can also treat pain with our new analgesic topical pain cream, and certain supplements such as Boswelia or whole food B vitamins that calm inflammation.

This offers a unique inside/outside approach to pain. I don’t want to help people to “manage” pain. I want to help people reduce pain, get rid of pain at the source, and give people back their full life, drug-free with the ability to move with ease.

Recently I sent out a coupon to try a treatment for $25 for both existing and new patients, and we can treat a very large body area, or two different areas at a time, such as both knees or the low back and neck. Many clinics are charging up to $100 for a half hour of treatment, so this is a quit a deal. Packages are available that make a course of treatment affordable.

Please let your friends and loved ones know that relief may be close by.