How to Stop Sugar Cravings

One of the greatest barriers to weight loss is the cravings we get for all the treats and goodies that are constantly in the way to tempt us.

Self-control is to be greatly admired. But it is cannot be relied upon for everyone, all the time. So, how can you help yourself to relieve the cravings?

Two minerals can help you so that you experience less cravings. One is potassium, and the other is magnesium. Potassium helps with sugar and bread, and magnesium helps with chocolate.

You can increase your vegetable intake to get more potassium. About seven cups of vegetables per day are needed. This can be in the form of salads or raw veggies, or cooked veggies. Don’t include white potatoes, or beans, but sweet potatoes can count. The most potassium is going to be in the greens.

Fruits have potassium also, and 2 servings per day may be included, but the sugar in the fruit makes it less valuable for weight loss and blood sugar balance. Use the fruit as a substitute snack for less healthy treats, or use to flavor your veggie juice, but don’t over-do fruit.

One of the best ways to increase your vegetable intake is to use a juicer.  I just received a NutriBullet  for Christmas.  Unlike other juicers, the NutriBullet is a breeze to clean, so the whole process is very fast. Also, unlike other juicers, you get the whole vegetable, instead of extracted juice, leaving the fiber behind. This makes clean-up a chore and Americans need more fiber in their diet, not less! This also cuts down on the price of the vegetables considerably because you need far less if you include the fiber.

If you have any constipation problems, vegetable juice with fiber is a perfect solution. You can prepare delicious pureed soups, also. The fiber will help balance your blood sugar,  naturally lower cholesterol, clean out your intestines, and make you feel full and satisfied, so it has everything going for it as a healthy addition to your regime.

Try to buy local organic vegetables. “Shipping is a terrible thing to do to vegetables.  They probably get jet-lagged, just like people.”  ~Elizabeth Berry

Juicing can be used as part of a weight loss program, as juice will fill you up if you drink a glass before a meal, or as a snack to cut cravings. Any type of juicer will give you this benefit. Just be sure you are using mostly veggies and not too much fruit.

If you prepare the juice in the morning you can take it with you to work and drink it at breaks. Your blood sugar will remain stable and you will feel great.

Don’t have a juicer or can’t take the time? We have green vegetable supplements, from shake powders to capsules to help you increase your healthy eating, as well as magnesium supplements. SP Complete is an organic nutritional shake powder that will practically revive the dead, and can be made into a delicious shake for total or partial meal replacement, snack or dessert. We even have a vegetable fiber supplement, that will give you the benefits when convenience is needed.

Your body can be healthier and leaner by summer if you start now. Book a Healthy Weight Loss consultation and we can discuss which program will work best for you. Right this minute your body is either getting healthier or not. It is all up to you. Ageing is greatly accelerated when nutrients are lacking in your diet. Call 818-562-1400.


Yummy Shake Recipe


(from the Natural Healing Foods book that comes with the NutriBullet

50% Mixed greens (for example: kale, collard greens, parsley, swiss chard, or arugula)

1 small frozen banana

½ C frozen raspberries

10 hazelnuts

2 TBLS raw cacao

½ tsp pure vanilla extract

water as needed.

Mix and enjoy!