The Secret to Weight Loss and Disease Prevention That You Can Start Today

You don’t have to forego holiday delights to start your weight loss and improve your health. You can start today, just by including some exercise into your holiday plans.
Add a long Christmas walk to work up your appetite or, after dinner, walk off an over-serving of turkey and potatoes. The whole family can enjoy the outing and it may become a tradition.

The new studies on exercise show that moving your body is better than drugs for many chronic conditions and diseases from depression to diabetes.

This information could save your life. We cannot sustain the kind of “health“care that we have in this country. Chemical drugs will never be the answer to staying healthy, although they are sometimes necessary on a short term basis. But our detoxification organs-liver, kidneys and intestines, do not fare well with any medication, so the less drugs the better-always.

Health issues have skyrocketed between the rise of junk and processed foods and the sedentary lifestyle we lead, sitting at computers all day and driving our cars everywhere. Add in thousands of environmental chemicals and toxins that we are exposed to (including pharmaceutical and recreational drugs and alcohol) and it is little wonder we rank 17th in world health, according to the latest study.
“The results surprised even the researchers. To their alarm, they said, they found a “strikingly consistent and pervasive” pattern of poorer health at all stages of life, from infancy to childhood to adolescence to young adulthood to middle and old age. Compared to people in other developed nations, Americans die far more often from injuries and homicides. We suffer more deaths from alcohol and other drugs, and endure some of the worst rates of heart disease, lung disease, obesity, and diabetes.”

This should be a wake-up call. We spend 2 1/2 times more on health care than any other country. There is something very wrong with this picture. Our health care is far more expensive than any other country per procedure. Yet it appears we are not getting much result. Even the wealthiest Americans have worse health and higher mortality than other countries.

We are the most sedentary people of any on earth, so that is one place to start.

Shop post-Christmas sales for some home equipment like a bike or treadmill or consider a rebounder. Check for a folding rebounder or for a rebounder that is the softest made and easy on joints.

So, my Christmas wish for you is to be the exception. Take charge of your health and move your body. Get your blood flowing and increase your pulse rate. Start as slowly as you must, but do it every day. Our bodies are not sitting machines-they are dancing, running, skipping, walking and jumping machines.

A very active and Merry Christmas to all.