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Stop a Runny Nose!


It is not just colds and flu that can make a nose run. Cold weather, sugary/fatty foods, congested liver/gall bladders, or allergies can also cause you to reach for a tissue. Just when you want to look your best for the Holidays, and not compete for the Rudolph contest, a runny nose can spoil your fun. Fight back with these healthy strategies.

Here are some tips to dry up quickly.

1)   Massage the points on the sides of your nose where the curve of your nostrils meets your cheek. Tap under your eyes, in the hollow, and down towards your cheeks and sides of the nose. Alternate these points, massage and then tapping.

2)   Find the point halfway between the bottom of your ribs on the right side, and your belly button. Massage the area firmly to release the gall bladder.

3)   Take “Cold Calm” from Boiron Homeopathics. This safe, natural medicine can stop a runny nose for a few hours, and can be used for children.

4)   Take Zypan and Multizyme for digestive aids. Sip some apple cider vinegardiluted in water. Sufficient stomach acid helps the liver/gall bladder work better. And extra digestive help may help you to sleep after feasting.

5)   Get plenty of sleep. If you feel stressed, or traveling, take extra adrenal support. Fatigued adrenal glands can produce symptoms that mimic a cold or allergy. If you suffer from any type of allergies, your adrenal glands are weak and need support!

6)   Lay off sugar. Sugar stresses the body in every way, from depleting minerals to lowering stomach acid, to weakening the immune system. Use Stevia and Xylitol for sweet treats that don’t compromise your health.

7)   Don’t overdo coffee, which also stresses your adrenals and dehydrates your body. Try Teecino herbal coffee, sip herbal tea, and drink extra water. Not a water fan? Try a naturally sparkling water like Pellegrino and flavor it with cucumber or fruit slices or flavored liquid Stevia.

8)   Come in for some soft tissue work on your liver. The sinuses are very affected by the ability of the liver and kidneys to detoxify. There are acupuncture reflexes and acupressure points that can offer relief, and even help a real cold or flu to move through quickly.

9)   Consider food intolerance testing if the runny nose is chronic. Keep a food journal, but know that it may take 48 hours before a food issue shows up in your nose.

10)   Avoid toxic people. Today someone asked me if I thought her body was allergic to the guy she is seeing. When she described his behavior to me I told her that it is probably not her body that is allergic, but SHE may be allergic to how he treats her!

Once you find out how well natural medicine can work for you, a runny nose won’t slow you down. It is just a symptom of a need to move something through your body more quickly.

May all the running in your life involve kids, dogs, and running around with people you love, and not your nose. And keep in mind that these tips work on people of all ages.



Back To School Special for Your Kids

All the stores are promoting supplies and clothes to get kids ready for school.  But the most important part of being a student is happening on the inside. Like adults, kids live emotional and mindful lives. Unlike adults they can’t always tell us about their stresses and body issues, which they may not fully understand.

Very few people of any age are eating a perfect diet. Kids may be picky about what they like and miss out on important nutrients. This can affect their performance in school as well as their emotional stability and physical development.

Even if your family is eating well, the nutrient content of food has declined, and is a concern to nutritional scientists. When you eat out you have no idea if you are getting any quality nutrition, with so many shortcuts to food preparation hat even good restaurants are taking to cut costs so they can serve giant portions of food. c

Helping kids to get the nutrition they need in a form they will agree to take may be tricky. But it can be done, especially if they are willing to drink a protein shake or smoothie. I taught my kids to take supplements at an early age by telling them to imagine that the supplements were surfers who had to “ride the wave”. If kids can swallow a bit of burger or a French fry they can get down a pill.

If your kids have any body problems natural medicine can provide answers. Just boosting their immune system can prevent school absences and the difficulty of trying to make up missed work.

Concentration problems are often adrenal related. Kids can have a high amount of stress in their lives and that may affect their adrenals.  Irregular menstrual periods are not “normal” and getting on the birth control pill is not the answer. It is far better to balance hormones so that a girl starts her adult life with a normal cycle. Did you know that menstruation should coincide with the moon and tides because the moon “draws” water. Women whose menstrual cycle follows the lunar cycle have less fertility problems later in life.  Women who are on the birth control pill for years are more likely to have fertility problems later on.

Acne may be related to toxins or to hormone imbalances. Drugs and hormones are not the safest answer. Getting to the root cause of the acne not only creates clear, beautiful skin, but prevents scarring and demonstrates the very real relationship between our hormones, our toxicity level, and our health.

Even if you, and many others in your family, had some of these issues, that does not mean they are genetic and fixed.

To help your kids be their healthiest, bring them in for an analysis. Kids’ first consultations are $75, half the adult price. Through 20 September get 10% off protein and nutritional shake powders for kids. You can help them start their day right with a delicious protein shake.

Don’t let your kids go vegan or vegetarian. Protein is vital for their development and mental stability. If they have questions about what they should eat, I am happy to answer them. How we farm and raise animals is often stupid and inhumane and we need to change those practices for the sake of all. But depriving your body of vital nutrients won’t change our farming system and could have long-term health consequences.

Looking forward to meeting your great kids and helping them stay healthy!

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