Honey, Can You Help My Allergies?

Ah, Spring! But for some people Spring means “Achoo”.  I wonder how many tablets or capsules of allergy medicine are consumed every day. As much as these drugs seem vital to relieve the annoying symptoms of seasonal allergies, all drugs are chemicals that have to be processed in the body and add to the toxic burden of the liver and kidneys.

Natural remedies and natural medicine can help. One sweet remedy is to eat the honey from local bees. This is not just a folk remedy. Local raw honey can act like a series of allergy shots. You are being exposed to the same local trees and plants that are allergens, but in tiny doses over time, and that can de-sensitize your immune system.  http://pioneerthinking.com/health/local-honey-and-allergies  One tablespoon of honey a day is the recommended dose, starting now. For local honey try the Farmer’s Markets. Burbank has some of the most delicious Buckwheat honey I have ever had, from Bill’s Bees.  billsbees@wildblue.net

If you are concerned about spiking your blood sugar, try mixing honey with your favorite nut butter or organic butter so that the fats buffer the honey.  Or drizzle honey, with sage, thyme and dry mustard, over chicken breasts. Honey can also be mixed with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of warm water, for digestion and to ward off a cold or flu.

Other natural remedies for seasonal allergies include homeopathic remedy Sabadil from Boiron, to relieve hay fever and allergy symptoms. Sinusalia will help with sinus congestion and pain, and Cold Calm helps with Cold symptoms, but I find that it also helps with some allergy symptoms. These remedies are available at your local health food store or at my office.

Herbal remedies include Albizia Complex, and Allerplex is available as a nutritioinal supplement.

The less medication you take, the better. But don’t suffer. Try natural remedies to wean yourself off the medication. A Spring Detox program will also help. Highly allergic sinuses are like flypaper. Everything that flies by sticks. The real answer is to dismantle the flypaper. Many times sinus conditions are actually caused by fungus, so eliminating starches and sugars, and even excessive fruit, may help calm allergies. And detoxifying your main organs, such as liver, kidney and intestine can improve your health in every way. We have $25 off any Spring Detox program, either the 10 day or 21 day program.

Let me know if you try the honey remedy and how it works, or if you have any other tips to share.