Where Does the Fat Go When You Lose Weight?

Since we talk about fat “melting away” you might think it just turns to liquid. But the truth is that fat is broken down into carbon dioxide and water. Lose twenty-five pounds and 18 of those pounds will leave the body as carbon dioxide, through the lungs. You didn’t know that your lungs were such an important part of any weight loss program! https://www.livescience.com/49157-how-fat-is-lost-body.html

So, you might say that you need to breathe to lose weight. Of course, you need to breathe to live, so it works out. And working out, or at least moving around a lot, is one of the best ways to lose weight faster, and to stay in shape in general.

This may explain why people with Sleep Apnea, which means they stop breathing a few times during the night, tend to be over-weight. And it explains why aerobics and stretching exercises that emphasizes breathing, such as Yoga, are effective.

Can adding more oxygen help? There is some evidence of that, but you can’t just suck oxygen through a breathing tube and work off a Big Mac or donuts. The body has evolved over thousands of years and its habits are deeply ingrained. Eating real food, doing a moderate to strong exercise program, and getting plenty of deep, refreshing sleep, is still the most effective way to be at your best weight. https://www.fitday.com/fitness-articles/fitness/weight-loss/does-oxygen-therapy-help-with-weight-loss.html

How else can you use this information? One way is to make sure that you are breathing well at night and sleeping deeply. I have found that many people have sinus congestion, and some don’t realize it because they are so used to being slightly congested. Taking some homeopathic or herbal remedies to clear the congestion can help. Digestion is also an important component of good sleep. Food or environmental allergies may be affecting you more than you realized. Digestive enzymes, pro and pre-biotics can assist. Detoxification programs are generally very helpful for sleep. Don’t eat for a few hours before bed, and eat lightly at night. If you tend to get hungry before bed, eat some fat and protein in the evening to keep blood sugar level during the night. You should start to get hungry in the morning. If you don’t you may be eating too much at night.

Ask me about trying the Avacen microciruculation device in my office. FDA cleared for inflammation, it can clear the sinuses and get blood into the muscles that may have difficulty relaxing. The result for many is deeper sleep. One friend was getting up six times a night, every night. Doctors could find nothing wrong. His first two nights of using the Avacen he was able to sleep through the night for the first time in years. Another friendswoke up without lower back pain, and was able to get up and touch her toes in the morning, something she had not done in years.

Breathing properly might help. A physical therapist at our office taught me how to breathe more deeply, into the lower part of my lungs. It takes practice to undo old habits and I am trying to remember to breathe so that my belly expands with each breath. I have not noticed any weight loss, but I do feel that body relax more when I am breathing properly.

Breathing and exercise is all part of weight loss. But the best plan is to develop the lifestyle so that you don’t gain weight in the first place, and you have a default method for losing fast when you do, so the pounds don’t pile in. It is really too simple-eat like a healthy thin person. And that means eating less non-food and eating mostly real live food in moderate amounts. For most Americans there is simply too much non-food around us constantly. Spring is a great time to break old habits and turn over a new leaf on lifestyle, just when the trees are in bud.

Maybe it won’t be so hard to lose weight knowing that fat is just hot air and water, and not nearly as solid as it seems!