Why Is Your Appetite Out of Control?

One of the most common requests I get is for help with appetite control. I do have some homeopathic remedies that may help, but the real solution is always to get to the bottom of the situation and fix the imbalance at the root.
There are many reasons for feeling hungry even after a meal, or finding it difficult to stop eating once started. Our food is pretty inadequate today, in terms of nutrient density. Organic foods from superior sources may be more satisfying. I find that my family consumes less chicken when it is pasture-raised than when it is just organic. Pasture-raised chickens follow herds of cattle and they grub in the grass, eating a standard bird diet. Chickens are omnivores (meaning they eat both animals and plants), but they naturally will eat bugs, worms and small animals if allowed to roam. Chickens should not be fed a vegetarian diet, even when it is organic. If you alter the natural diet of any animal or human, they will get sick.

Snack food is chemically engineered to be unsatisfying so that you keep eating it. Remember it is not about your health or even your enjoyment for the big food corporations. It is about how much junk they can get you to consume that increases their bottom line. Good reason to avoid processed foods. There should be another category for all the junk and fake foods, so that they do not get called “food” and fool people into thinking they are getting food.

Most of the processed foods are pure carbs, and will spike and then drop blood sugar, causing a person to feel hungry (and tired) a couple of hours later. So, in addition to avoiding wheat, grains and sugar, be sure that each meal has complete protein and good fat. Complete proteins have the amino acids that human bodies need to make tissue, bone, muscle and enzymes. Almost every cell in the body, and all the process that break down food and manufacture cells, require certain amino acids. Fish, chicken and meat, eggs and dairy products, nuts, and legumes all have complete proteins. Otherwise foods like beans and rice that have only some of the required amino acids, must be consumed in combinations so that all the amino acids are present. This is a matter of simple construction. All the materials have to be available to get the building in place.

There are strong hormone connections and I will write about those next time.