Should We Be Worried About Genetically Modified Foods?

Should We Worry About Genetically Modified Foods?
I wish I could tell you that the people who are in charge of the food supply, the producers and manufacturers, farmers and grocery stores, really care about your health. I wish I could say that they consider that the well-being and long-term physical health of you and your children is as important to them as it is to you.

And I wish it were not cynical to tell you that money is their motivation and that it seems that food is just a commodity to some the way that bricks and buttons are a commodity. But if you buy a faulty button the worse thing that happens is that it breaks and your sweater sags.

But when food “breaks” it can cause damage to cells and organs because food is a living thing consumed by living beings composed of living cells. Alter human DNA and we know what can happen- deformity, illness and death. And we now know that food itself can change gene expression, something that was not known when the first GMO tomato was produced, using fish DNA to make its skin more resilient so it could be shipped across country.

All that Proposition 37 proposes is that GMO foods must be labeled so that the consumer knows what is in the food their hard earned money is buying. The fact that genetically modified foods are not labeled now is only beneficial to Monsanto and other companies that regard your food supply as their bottom-line and not as nourishment, cellular repair and health for your families. If GMO foods are safe, then let these new foods be tested and proven so with standard scientific methods.

Personally I like to know what is in my foods. I buy organic food to avoid the possibility that 10 years from now we will find out that the current epidemics of cancer, obesity and heart disease have been, in part, caused by Frankenstein foods. I consider that Nature has done a pretty good job so far and does not really need help from Monsanto. What do you think?

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