Shed Those Holiday Pounds With Garcinia Cambogia

Many Americans never lose the weight they gain at the Holidays. That means they have even more in common with Santa Claus after a few years! But it does not have to be that way, because there is some natural help for weight loss.
Dr. Oz has been talking about Garcinia Cambogia for months, but as a herbalist I knew about this extract from the tamarind fruit long ago.  There are some good studies about Garcinia’s ability to block the enzyme that converts carbs to fat. Garcinia also seems to help with appetite control and boost mood, so may help stress or emotional eating. Pretty good for an extract that has no known side-effects and is a very reasonable cost. The weight loss studies showed Garcinia to be effective when a 1200 calorie a day diet was followed and moderate exercise should be included.

We have an excellent Garcinia Cambogia in stock, with added chromium for blood sugar balance, plus potassium and calcium.

Homeopathic HCG has helped many people lose weight. I have access to a lab that makes it and we also have HCG in stock. If you want a fast weight loss program to shed a few pounds quickly, HCG is great. I don’t recommend it long term because you have to avoid fat while on the diet. But it is a great boost.

This might be the right time for a detoxification program. We have a 10 day blood sugar balance/detox and a 21 day Purification and Detox program. Both include organic super-nutritious shakes.  The shake is called SP Complete. I call it Lazarus powder because I have seen it almost bring the dead back to life. I had a patient with Crohn’s disease (auto-immune intestinal disease) Most of her large intestine had been removed. She could only eat Cup of Noodle soup because every food bothered her.  She landed in the hospital with a diagnosis of pre-cancer. All I could get her to do was start taking the SP Complete every day. Within a few months she was eating real food like chicken and salad again, and running a few miles a day. One day she came in with her hair down, full and wavy like a fashion model. I thought she was wearing a wig because I had only seen her with a wispy ponytail for years. When I complimented her on her hair, she said, “Isn’t it amazing how it grew back? It was always like this before I got sick.” That is a one powerful shake!

The program also includes herbal medicine to stimulate detox in the organs like liver, kidney and intestine, and help the pancreas to rest and recover so that it can make more insulin.

There is a weight loss program that will help you not only to look and feel better about yourself, but handle bloat and digestive issues, while also lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. Call the office today at 818-562-1400 to order or book a consultation