More Dare You Eat Dairy

Thanks to every one who responded to my last health tip about dairy products. There were some good questions raised. One was about the difference in calories between low-fat milk and whole milk. I purposely did not mention calories because I think that one reason Americans have such an obesity problem is our obsession with calories. This has taken us down a dark road towards chemical substitutes that are supposed to be low in calories, but disturb metabolism because the body cannot process them. Sucralose is a good example.
Take sugar and chemically bond it to chlorine and you have sucralose, which is supposed to prevent the body from absorbing the sugar. Hard to imagine that ingesting sugar and chlorine together could be healthy. If we just eat whole natural foods, like humans have eaten for hundreds or thousands of years, we will not get fat. It is the processed and chemical Frankenstein foods that are causing us to gain weight at an unprecedented rate. Here is a link to an article that discusses that point.

Raw organic milk can be purchased at “Full of Life” in Burban, or the Hollywood Farmer’s Market (Sunday morning) or the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. For those who already have a dairy issue that switching to raw and fermented products won’t handle, try :Nary Dairy”, made from cashew nuts. Made in Pasadena, you can order on-line.

Have a cream-filled day!