Joint Pain Relief-Find the Source

Here is a Success Story from one of my patients who has his own handyman company and is very physically active.
My right knee was hurting for almost a week. Dr. Dunev tested the knee, did her “magic” and no more pain! Thank you! A.H.

I did not touch his knee. The “magic” I did was locate the actual source of the inflammation in the knee joint. In this case it was the gall bladder/bile duct. The bile duct is the avenue that carries toxins from the liver to the intestine. The gall bladder is a little sack that attaches to the duct and catches some of the bile and stores it. When you eat fats such as avocado, butter or oil the gall bladder releases some bile, which also acts as a detergent and emulsifies (breaks down) and disperses  fat so that it can be absorbed along with other nutrients to protect cells and help brain function. The brain is the only organ that is about 80% fat and healthy  dietary fats and a well-functioning gall bladder help keep the brain operating  well.

If the gall bladder is so important, why do surgeons remove them so often? There are two reasons. They have no other solution when stones form in the gall bladder and people can live without their gall bladder, just as they can live without an appendix.

That does not mean that the gall bladder is not important-it just means you won’t die if it is removed.

If you have gall stones, seek a holistic doctor and find out how easy it is to get the body to purge stones. Even large gall stones are made from cholesterol and are  soft enough that they usually pass easily through the bile duct and out the intestine when a gall bladder program is followed.

Many odd symptoms and pains in the body can be relieved when the gall bladder and bile duct are not congested and partially blocked.  Migraine headaches and acne are often dramatically improved, also.

One way to love your liver (vital for detoxification) is to take good care of your gall bladder.  Avoid phoney fats like margarine and corn oil and eat organic butter, virgin coconut oil and raw nut oils.  90% of the fat in steak is the same kind of fat that is in olive oil!  The gall bladder needs good fats to keep the bile flowing so stones do not form. Good fats are a friend to the body and will also help cut sugar and bread cravings.

Eat healthy fats because they taste delicious- and they happen to be healthy! Nature equals nurture.