Did You Know That Most People Have Parasites?


If you eat sushi or you have pets, chances are you have parasites. Some odd skin rashes can be caused by parasites in the blood. Acne on the cheeks is often parasite-related.

We all have trillions of organisms in our bodies. In fact, there are nine times more “buggies” in our bodies than human cells. Maybe Jeff Goldblum in “The Human Fly” wasn’t so far off!

Most of the organisms are not only helpful, but absolutely vital. That is why the overuse of antibiotics to kill pathogens is such a bad idea. Too many of the good guys die, the vital ones, die in the process.

Those organisms that just take, take, take and don’t give anything back, are the parasites. Too many of those and they can even make the host sick but robbing them of essential nutrients and wreaking havoc in the gut and blood, or other organs.

Your immune system can get rid of parasites in a few ways. Sufficient stomach acid may kill them. Your white blood cells attack them, when they are recognized. And certain enzymes can destroy them. Watch here to see a healthy immune system going after a parasite. http://imgur.com/gallery/YQftVYv

Herbal medicines have been used for centuries to get rid of parasites. And eating healthy whole foods makes an internal environment that is less inviting to parasites. Of course, parasites and funguses love junk food and sugar.

You can do a parasite cleanse any time, by taking the right supplements and making sure your stomach is digesting well. It’s a good idea to do a parasite cleanse once a year. A good detoxification program can help, also. We can send you a booklet about our favorite program. No fasting, just lots of whole foods and supplements that help you feel energetic as you lose bloat, parasites, and weight (if needed.)

You can also increase your white cell response to parasites, fungus, virus and bacteria, and even rogue cells like cancer cells. That means that your defenses are up against any invaders that make it into your blood. Congaplex, Thymex, Immuplex, Cataplex ACP, Ashwaganda, Astragalus, Echinacea or Andographis are all good choices for general immune health, and some combination of these will pull you out of a health crisis.

Why does the flu season start with Halloween and continue through the Holidays? Certainly the change in weather is a factor. But the increase in sugar consumption also plays a role. White blood cells are far less proactive after we consume sugar.

Learning to co-exist with the tiny creatures that live in our bodies, and all around us, is a lesson that Western medicine needs to learn. We cannot afford to continue on the same path, because we are killing off our own immune systems. But we can selectively eliminate the trouble makers, which makes the rest of the immune system stronger.