Facing Up to Aging

To put it simply, aging is a process of cell deterioration. That process can begin at almost any age, but the internal signs are not so obvious unless you can measure health. Of course, we look at the face as the most obvious marker for the passage of time. Hence, the existence of a billion-dollar beauty industry.

The face reflects the internal health of the body, so all the cosmetic procedures in the world cannot change that. Only diet and lifestyle will keep the youthful shape of the face. I recently ran into a friend I have known for thirty years. When she walked in the room I did not recognize her until I heard her voice and her inimitable laugh. She was always chubby, but the extra fifty pounds she was carrying had caused her face to balloon so that her chin hit her chest. Not only has it ruined her looks, I know that her heart and organs are struggling, and her life-expectancy is much shorter as a result.

Losing large amounts of weight past forty or fifty is great for health and longevity, but often results in hanging skin around the neck. Slow weight loss helps. Balanced hormones are vital. A friend of mine, Dr. Nathan Newman in Beverly Hills, prescribes HCG to help the body avoid loose skin during the weight loss process. He has also perfected a Stem Cell face lift, using your own fat, instead of invasive surgery. And he uses other non-surgical methods to help with the neck.

People often ask me what I do for my skin, and my reply is “everything, darling!” I have never had a surgical face-lift, and have not really needed one. My weight has not fluctuated much, except during pregnancies. When I worked at a Dermatology practice I did have some laser treatments that made a big difference. I do some microdermabrasion with a home unit. I love using a jade roller on my face in the morning, which is kind of like ironing your face! I sometimes micro-needle, which can resurface your skin very well, but I get lazy about it.

The skin cells have hormone receptors, so after menopause or andropause (male hormonal change) there is a dramatic shift. Using herbal remedies, or bio-identical hormone replacement can help with that transition, and keep the body younger in general.

Microcirculation is vital for all cell health. Using the Avacen microcirculation device has helped the skin on my legs dramatically. I had spider veins that made my legs look like a roadmap. They are 80% gone after using the Avacen for three months. All cells need capillaries to bring oxygen and nutrients to them in order to survive. That is why smoking is so damaging to the skin. Keeping the body free of toxins and the blood flowing freely to the cells is the name of the anti-aging game. http://www.annedunev.com/natural-health-and-nutrition-blog/2018/4/13/are-you-suffering-from-inflammation

My skin improved over-all years ago when I added more good fat to my diet, such as butter, olive oil, Cod Liver Oil, and coconut oil. Topically I try to use non-chemical creams and moisturizers as much as possible. My current favorites include serums mixed with Frankincense Essential Oil, which is very healing. I use mineral sunscreen religiously. My favorite is Coola, available on Amazon. It acts as a primer for make-up, too.

Very soon I plan to make some videos on skincare and make-up. So, stay tuned for those.

Feeling good and looking good are all possible at any age. It just takes more effort as the body gets older! I am on this, so I will pass on any tips I can.

My last bit of advice is to think “good” also. Our faces reflect our inner thoughts. Avoid the network news, which is designed to raise your blood pressure, and cause you to worry. Laugh lines are more attractive than frown lines. Be kind and generous. Nurture your spiritual side because none of us is taking the body with us, no matter how young or old it looks!