Save Our Eyelashes!

Do you notice that your eyelashes are thinner, or brittle and seem to fall out too easily?

As a long-time make up user it seemed to me that my eyelashes were getting brittle and I suspected it came from using mascara.  When I discovered eyelash primer it really helped. My eyelashes didn’t all out nearly as often.

Eyelash primer is usually a white creamy substance that goes on like mascara. It acts to thicken and condition your lashes. And, until recently, it also made your lashes white so that you had to really work the mascara to avoid leaving white patches on your lashes.

Finally one company figured out that white may not be the best color under black mascara.  The newest primer, from Estee Lauder, is black. And the brush is curved, so that it actually curls your eyelashes. The goopy white primers are heavy, and have a tendency to weigh down your lashes. The new black primer is sleek and smooth and weightless. Eyelash curlers can cause your lashes to fall out. The good news is that  "Little Black Primer" may work just as well. 

In a competitive market, with hundreds of cosmetic companies, it is not often you see a great new product.

Of course, you can pay for Latisse, the pharmaceutical approach to eyelash lengthening. The cost is around $120. A less expensive choice is SmartLash available from Amazon.

There are a few home remedies you can try, such as castor oil and aloe vera applied to lashes at night.

All hair is made from protein, so your lashes may reflect your eating habits, too. Low thyroid can also cause eyelashes to thin.

Hope these tips help you to have long sweeping lashes to enhance your lovely eyes.