The Practice Has Moved!

I am pleased to announce that I have taken new office space in an office building that looks like a Castle at 178 S. Victory Blvd, Suite 205, Burbank, CA 91502. With 3 treatment rooms, I will be able to expand my services to include more pain treatment, as well as the Clinical Nutrition and Natural Medicine.
I am really committed to prevention and helping people get and stay healthy in the sense that they can have a full and active life, and avoid disease as much as possible. Life is really an Olympic event, when you think of all the demand we have, mentally, physically and spiritually. But how many of us are eating like athletes preparing for World Class competition. Instead, most people are using the chemicals in food to medicate themselves, knowingly or unknowingly. This gives momentary stress relief, but affects over-all performance, and leads to diminished vitality.

There is really only one way to avoid disease states. All the use of sanitary wipes on shopping carts and covering our mouths when we sneeze and flu shots will never stop pathogens. Our innate immune systems are the determiners of whether we stand or fall when illness sweeps in.

Processed, devitalized or chemical foods create devitalized bodies that are susceptible to pathogens, but also cave when mental and emotional stress hit.  The commercial food supply we have in the U.S. is severely compromised, and deficient. So, think like an athlete, and what it takes to win the game. How you eat might make all the difference. I hear it from patients all the time, when they do a cleanse or drop sugar and grains from their diet. More energy, better sleep, less bloat and indigestion.

It is getting yourself mentally prepared to make the changes that is the real challenge. All sport is really lead by how we think, followed by how we act. Including the sport of life.