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How Much Sugar Is Too Much- Part 2

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10. Maple syrup is mainly sucrose, but contains some minerals and amino acids (building blocks of proteins) because it is made from boiling the tree sap from Maple Trees.

11. Honey is flower nectar acted upon by enzymes that make is suitable for long-term storage by the bee. To further assist the storage the bees fan the honey to speed up the evaporation process, making the honey thicker. Beeswax, a secretion from the abdomen of the bee, is used to seal the honey into the comb. Honey will keep indefinitely once the process is complete. Honey is 82% sugar and 40% of the sugar is fructose. Honey has trace minerals and antioxidants. Honey will raise blood sugar, but not as much as white sugar. It also appears to lower inflammation. Honey should only be eaten raw and it is antibacterial and safe to put on a wound for healing (but should not be used on a puncture wound.)

12. Xylitol is made from birch trees. It contains 30-40% less calories and is slowly absorbed compared to other sugars. Xylitol can reduce cavities and is a good choice for chewing gum. It has also been shown to reduce the incidence of middle ear infections in children. Xylitol is a better choice for individuals who are suffering from hypoglycemia or Diabetes. It may cause gas and diarrhea if consumed in high quantities. It is toxic for dogs.

13. Coconut sugar is also made from tree sap. Coconut tree sap is heated until the water has evaporated and the crystals are left. Coconut sugar contains trace minerals and a fiber called inulin, a prebiotic, which helps feed healthy gut flora. It contains the same calories as refined white sugar.

14. Stevia is an extract of a South American plant leaf. It is not technically a sugar, but it stimulates the sweet receptors on the tongue and is perceived as sweet. It is 200-300 times sweeter than white sugar, so should be used in small quantities. It is safe for Diabetics to use.

Americans consume over 19 teaspoons of sugar per day, on average, not including fruit juice. This is added sugar, and does not include the sugar Nature provides in fruits, vegetables and grains. Regular soda contains one teaspoon of sugar per ounce.

We obviously enjoy the sweet stuff. And the body was designed to extract the sugar from whole foods and use glucose for fuel. When we consume refined sugars, the sugar does not have to be extracted, but transports directly into the blood, and that is what creates havoc. In a sense the body can become drunk on sugar, just as too much alcohol causes inebriation. Either too much sugar at one time, or not enough sugar when we skip meals or starve, throws off the balanced flow of energy to the cells. Too much sugar sends our pancreas and livers into over-drive to try and compensate for the deluge. There is a delicate mechanism to maintain a correct balance of sugar so the brain, as the central computer system, works optimally. Sugar has a “burning” effect on cells and may well be the main cause for inflammation in the arteries leading to heart disease. Cancer and candida cells love sugar and feed off sugar. Excess sugar is quickly converted to fat cells and does not just get deposited at waist and hips. Fat deposits in the liver interrupt normal liver function.

So, basically there is nothing helpful or healthy that comes from eating too much sugar. There is nothing healthy about eating any processed, refined sugar at all. We may be able to handle a few teaspoons a day, but we don’t need any added sugar in our diets. If you are trying to lose weight, eliminate fruit also, and see if your body lets go of excess pounds more easily. Think of bread and pasta as sugar, also, since the body will metabolize (break down) grains and starches as sugars.

To end sugar cravings, you have to eliminate it. Just like alcohol (which also breaks down to sugar) you have to go on the wagon to stop the cravings. Add in more protein and healthy fats, and that will help. Get your adrenals checked, as both sugar and salt cravings are indicators of adrenal fatigue.

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Teeth-The Hard Facts

What did you learn about taking care of your teeth? I remember being told to brush after every meal, floss daily, and visit the dentist often to take care of the fact that brushing and flossing didn’t save teeth from cavities.

We all know that tooth decay is just one more reason why we should avoid eating sugar. But sweets in the mouth are only half the story. Like the Big Bad Wolf sugar can only blow your house down (or blow holes in your teeth) if your house is made of straw, or your tooth enamel is too weak or brittle.

How do you get strong teeth? Minerals. The very things that are so missing from the American food supply because of our farming methods run by the Dark and Evil forces of Big Agriculture.

In his seminal work, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, published in 1939, Dr. Weston A. Price published his findings following a round the world research project to discover why American teeth were so riddled with cavities. He found that primitive people (defined as those not yet enjoying the white man’s diet of white flour and refined sugar) eating their native diet, composed of locally procured meats, fish, vegetables, grains and fruits, had no cavities. They also had dental arches and palates so wide and strong that wisdom teeth grew in easily and teeth lasted a lifetime.

A new study warns us to stop eating so much sugar. Excellent advice.

But we also need to dramatically increase our minerals. In the years Dr. Price studied native diets, people around the globe had 2-10 times the ratio of minerals that Americans and Europeans had then. Today, thanks to more “advances” in modern farming methods, the problem is even worse.

The good news about minerals is that they are also cancer protective and they offer relief from many health issues. Calcium is not just helpful for bones and teeth. Calcium can cause what is called a “calcium flash” which signals the White Blood Cells to respond to an immune issue, such as a viral or bacterial infection. (Note that not all calcium is created equal. Some forms are more easily assimilated than other forms, and sufficient stomach acid is vital for utilization.) Calcium must also be in balance with magnesium and phosphorus because Nature seems to like families of nutrients to work together. Magnesium is the heart mineral, and assists muscle relaxation and nerve conductivity.

Zinc is vital for immune health, and many people are zinc deficient. Zinc and selenium are helpful for prostate health. Chromium helps blood sugar and is helpful for hypoglycemia and diabetes.

You get the picture, and it is a mosaic of minerals. Not all minerals are needed in mega-doses, but anyone eating the standard American diet is deficient.

We hope that organic foods have more minerals, and studies do indicate that, but it depends on the soil. In order to grow produce without pesticides it is necessary to husband and treat the soil, so chances are your money is going to be wisely spent on organic foods. But there are no standards for soil management in the U.S., like there are in Europe.

Plants have to use the minerals in the soil and convert them to the form our bodies can use. That is why we don’t just eat rocks. So, healthy organic vegetables that taste delicious probably have better nutritional content. And, it will deplete our bodies even more to break down and eliminate the toxins from the pesticides and synthetic fertilizers in commercial product. Not to mention that genetically modified foods appear to be causing DNA mutation. We won’t know the full impact of that until this generation of kids has kids. Do you want to wait until then?

We are already seeing more allergies, asthma, neurological disorders, Diabetes, obesity and cancer in kids today. So, one thing parents can do is feed kids organic foods. Concerned about expense? Check out Trader Joe’s. I am very surprised about how inexpensive their organic produce is. And they have pledged to avoid GMO foods in their products, although there is no way to verify this fully because there are no labeling laws for genetically modified foods.

So, there is every reason to get more minerals into your diet. Just be warned that some minerals being sold commercially are difficult to digest and you don’t want an accumulation of minerals gathering in your body. This may result in bone spurs or kidney stones. You want to look for forms of minerals that break down easily, and are not isolated, without other support minerals for balance. You may want to take some diluted apple cider vinegar when you take mineral supplements, to give yourself enough acid for the ph of the stomach. One way I can tell if you are getting sufficient minerals is by checking your saliva ph. And I also have a saliva zinc test to check your zinc levels.

Ask me about supplements that can give your children’s (or your) teeth the exact minerals and nutrients that build enamel and keep teeth cavity proof. Start these during pregnancy, eat whole-nutrient foods, and we can bring back the kind of teeth our ancestors had. Your money may be better spent on mineral-rich foods than on the high prices dentists charge these days.

Burbank Farmer’s Market now sells bone broth, or you can make your own. This is one delicious way to get the right minerals for bones and teeth. Here is the link to the skinny on the new trend in bone broth 

A good recipe here

Bone Broth is available from Whole Foods. Want bone broth delivered? 10 grams of protein, 0 carbs and only 48 calories! The Lakers’ Nutritionist is recommending it.

More on the work of Dr. Price at

By the way, don’t stop brushing and flossing. I love my oral irrigator. There is a new way to “brush” your teeth with German sonic technology. Amazing for gum health.

Avoid fluoride in toothpaste and in tap water. The excess can make teeth brittle instead of strong, and is toxic. Use a water filter like Clearly Filtered water pitcher to remove impurities and fluoride and look for fluoride-free toothpaste.

We have wonderful dental technology, for fixing sick teeth or replacing lost or damaged teeth. But dentists are never taught how to help you have healthy gums and teeth for a lifetime. Eating plenty of nutrient rich foods is the answer to beautiful healthy teeth. And the health of the mother is reflected in the health and teeth of her children. Nature pays it forward.