Heads Up on Cell Phone Radiation

Anne Dunev, PhD

Rumors have circulated for years now that we are all placing ourselves at risk by holding our cell phones next up to our ears, close to our heads.

But the amount of radiation from cell phones, as compared to microwave ovens for example, is miniscule. Past studies seemed to support this.

Until now. The latest research is testing the intermittent pulse of cell phones, rather than a steady stream of radiation tested previously. It is becoming apparent that the pulse is damaging and disrupting. The pulse occurs as the cell phone seeks a signal, and also when a user speaks and then listens, changing the “beat” of the wave signal.

PET scans show that the radiation from cell phones penetrates deep inside the skull. With all the concerns about increasing rates of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, as well as Senile Dementia, this in itself is a cause for concern for everyone.

Then consider the fact that children are becoming cell phone customers younger and younger. I-Phone now has a toy for a baby that props the I-Phone on the baby’s lap—right over the genitalia. It has already been established that men who are heavy cell phone users have lowered sperm count.

An Asian woman in California presented with breast tumors visible to the eye, directly under the bra pocket where she routinely stored her cell phone. Dermatologists report higher incidence of tumors above the ear on the left side of the head, where most people hold their cell phones.

If you read the fine print in the manual for the I-Phone 4, there is a warning not to hold the phone close to the head, or carry it in a pocket or holster on the body.

Remember that what we cannot see can hurt us. Until we have more definitive data, treat your cell phone like you should be treating your microwave. Put yourself directly in the path of the microwave radiation as little as possible.

Texting is safer. Cell phone radiation is more harmful to organs such as brain or kidney or breast or genitals than to the hand. However, the risk of problems from long-term exposure for our hands is unknown.

You can use the speaker and hold the phone away from your head. Bluetooth wireless technology is safer only if you do not have the cell phone in your pocket or on your body. Wi-Fi should be as far from your body as possible. It does travel through walls, so best to turn off your Wi-Fi at night, when you may be more susceptible while you are sleeping.

Cell phones are not toys. Some Pediatric Neurologists consider Electro Magnetic poisoning or radiation exposure to be the cause of up to 30% of childhood brain cancers. A Swedish study found a 5 times higher risk of malignant brain tumors in young adults who started using cell phones before or during teenage years.

It may be years before we have enough information about the risk of cell phone radiation. But we can act now, knowing that we may only be seeing the tip of the iceberg. The Russians seem to be far ahead of is in this area, and have recommended that cell phones be visibly marked with warnings as a source of radio frequency radiation and that children under 18 and pregnant women avoid cell phones.

I checked the Apple website. It says, “The more apps you download, the more you realize there is almost no limit to what your iPhone can do.”  However, “downloading” radiation that harms our children and us may take us past the limit. What price are we willing to pay?

For more information visit www.environmentalhealthtrust.org