Low thyroid

Signs and Symptoms of Low Thyroid

Have you wondered if your thyroid was functioning correctly? Perhaps you are having trouble losing weight or you are tired. But, after blood work, your doctor says that your thyroid is “normal” or “fine”.

Your doctor is looking for a diagnosable disease on lab work. Your thyroid may be in the low normal range. This is not a disease state, yet the thyroid is still not functioning correctly, or the thyroid hormones are not able to do their job. TSH is the blood test used. TSH is a pituitary hormone called Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. The assumption is that your pituitary is shouting at your thyroid to make more thyroid hormone and the louder it shouts the more your thyroid is sleeping on the job. Thyroid function governs metabolism, so weight gain and fatigue are common symptoms when the thyroid is less active.

But your thyroid may be trying to work, and even producing enough thyroid hormone. Every cell in your body has receptor sites for hormones of all kinds. The thyroid hormone that is utilized by the cells must be converted, mostly by the liver, to the active form that the cells respond to.  So liver health is also a key to your getting the full benefit of your thyroid function. This is just one more example of how much the health of one organ affects the health of the entire body. http://www.liverdoctor.com/thyroid-health-depends-on-your-liver/

You can see that the problem may be one of distribution and delivery to the cells that rely on thyroid hormone signals, and not of the production of thyroid hormone.

Here are some of the other symptoms of low thyroid function:

Weight gain and hard to lose                      Full and puffy around the eyes

Coarse hair, possibly thinning                     Thick nails

Poor flexibility                                               Cold hands and feet                                    

Depression                                                     Low energy-fatigue

Slowed thinking                                            Poor concentration

Thinned eyebrows                                        Brain fog

Insomnia, restless sleep                               Waking up exhausted

Slow heart rate                                              Low blood pressure

Thinned eyebrows                                        Pale, pasty skin

Decreased body hair                                                Vertigo

Hoarse voice                                                  Thickened tongue

Muscle pain                                                   Recurrent headaches

Fibrocystic breasts                                        Infertility, miscarriages

Elevated cholesterol                                     Edema (swelling of ankles)

Thyroid function is one of the vital elements of cancer protection, so thyroid health goes beyond issues of weight and fatigue. Supplementing with iodine, which is vital to thyroid hormone production, may help.

At Well Body Clinic, we get your thyroid functioning correctly, and make sure that your entire hormonal system is working together, with each gland working well. We call this Total Hormone Balancing If you are already on thyroid medication, we can make sure that your medication is working well.

We are all exposed to multiple chemicals and pesticides every day, in our offices, homes and through our food and air. These toxins interrupt the function of the glands by binding with the hormone receptor sites. Cleanses and detox programs can remove the toxic burden, so that you have better hormone function.

When you are on the right program for you, you can start to notice the difference quickly, If you suspect you suffer from low thyroid function, book an appointment and see how much better you can feel and that you really can lose the weight that has been so hard to budge.