GMO foods

Stay Strong in Summer Heat

If you have been to see me for a consultation recently, I may have used some new test kits to check you. The first thing that comes up for most people is “hydration”.  The remedy for that is not just water, and many people comment that they are already drinking “so much water”.

But hydration is far more. Most people are also deficient in minerals. The cells of the body don’t want water alone. They want water as a carrier for the building blocks of the cells, and that means minerals. Electrolytes, salt and potassium, are part of that picture. But that does not mean drink Gatorade! That does mean getting more sea salt in your diet, and summer fruits are a source of potassium.

Foods grown in depleted, over-farmed soil, have few minerals, and you are losing minerals in sweat with the heat. So, think minerals to help your body weather the heat better.

One of my favorite summer mineral supplements is Cal Amo. It is a life-saver in humid weather and has the added benefit of helping the lymph system.

The liver is burdened by hot weather, and since most of us have over-worked livers from all the environmental toxins, this can cause summer fatigue. Think liver cleanse, or extra liver support with Milk Thistle herbs and Choline and AF Betafood to help the gall bladder decongest.

Adrenals are stressed by extreme temperatures, as well as summer travel, so extra adrenal support is helpful. Avoiding sugar and going moderate with caffeine will help.

Air conditioning dries out skin, mucous membranes and lungs. And the change from hot outside air to cold inside air is worse. A dab of Egyptian Magic cream (available from Health food stores and online) can be used around the nose at night to give some moisture to your nasal cavities. Prescription medication and inhalers for allergies will further dry out membranes. There are natural allergy medicines such as Allerplex, Euphrasia and homeopathic Sabidil that can help you manage allergies naturally. Doing a good cleanse can give long-lasting relief, as well as getting tested for food allergies. Cleanse does not mean "fast" and you can eat well while you cleanse. Ask us about our 21 day Detox program.

You can never go wrong, in any season, by eating organic foods and avoiding genetically modified foods. The main reason for GMO foods is so the plants will be able to resist pests, and was supposed to reduce the use of pesticides. However, that has not proven to be the case, because Mother Nature has her own way of coping with stress in her environment and it is proving very difficult to fight her. Since we now have stronger, tougher weeds that resist the chemicals, maybe that is part of the reason that allergies seem to be worse than ever.

Remember the recipe for a homemade sports drink/lemonade. Juice some fresh organic lemons into spring water, and add a pinch of sea salt, and stevia or honey to taste. For pink lemonade, add a splash of raspberry puree.

And I want to share a recipe for gluten-free pancakes that are high protein and don’t even need syrup. Mash a small banana and add 2 eggs. Whip together to form a “batter”. Pour on an oiled or buttered griddle or pan heated to low-medium heat. Cook until golden and flip. Two eggs make 2 large pancakes or 4-6 smaller ones.  I like them slathered with butter and fresh sliced strawberries. This is a great change from other egg breakfasts and can be used for a snack or other meal. You can roll them up and take them to eat in the car on the way to work. (watch the butter!)

This recipe is courtesy of Zonnie Bauer, Pilates and Dance instructor. Enjoy!!