Summertime and the Living is Hot and Humid-How to Thrive

I am currently in Florida for business and a class. I prefer coming here in the winter months, but here I am, with 90 degree temperatures. Today the humidity is only 67% but my phone app says it feels like 104 degrees outside.
As if frizzy hair and melting make-up were not enough, I also find I get a mild headache and drained feeling after only a short time outdoors in this weather. So, I thought I would share with you my own secret weapons for this severe climate change from California.

There are several factors that come into play in severe weather. First is liver health. If you find that bright sunlight bothers your eyes, or you feel sick in hot weather, consider liver support or a cleanse.

If hot weather makes you tired consider your adrenals. These small glands situated above the kidneys make a number of hormones that help your body adapt to environmental conditions. Strong emotions, as well as weather and temperature changes bring a surge of adrenal action. If your adrenals are tired from over-stimulation, too much sugar or caffeine or medications and drugs, your body will not be able to adapt well. Supporting adrenals with herbal medicines such as licorice, rhodiola, eleuthero will help. Licorice should be used in small amounts by anyone with high blood pressure issues.

Nutrition such as whole food B vitamins from brown rice, organ meats, and brewer’s yeast is important. Adrenals are also the largest storage place in the body for Vitamin C, but you need C from foods, not ascorbic acid vitamins. Supplements from Standard Process ™ include food source B vitamins, whole complex C, as well as glandular extract support that will actually get your adrenals working at an optimum level again.

Adrenals also are affected by salt levels. You may need more sea salt (not iodized table salt) in hot weather, especially if you get headaches. Potassium is lost in sweat, so consider eating potassium rich foods such as bananas, oranges, prunes and broccoli. You can also supplement with potassium. Plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits and drinking water while avoiding caffeine and sodas is always a wise policy.

Cal Amo® from Standard Process is my favorite hot weather friend. It has various chlorides and calcium that help your body’s water balance, without making you too alkaline and upsetting your salt/potassium balance.

Knowing how to help your body cope with temperature and humidity and other environmental changes can help your holiday stay happy. One of my patients, who always suffers from severe headaches when visiting her family in Colorado’s high altitude country, recently was able to avoid her usual medication by getting on a supplement program a couple of seeks before her trip.

Your own bio-chemistry is unique. You do not have to suffer when the seasons change or you have to travel. Email me with any questions you have.