Sinus Allergies-Your Gut Talking To You

So, you knew that your thighbone was connected to your knee bone, but who knew that you sinus allergies are connected to your gut?

It is true that this is one of the worst allergy seasons of recent memory. The high temperatures and Santa Ana winds bringing in dust and radiation from the desert are making people miserable. Even those who don’t normally suffer this time of year are suffering this year.

For anyone who is suffering, the problem is not the winds, or the dust, or the pollen, or everyone would be having a sinus issue. The problem is internal and what is really going on in the sinuses is often fungus-based, not bacteria or virus. Kind of like athlete’s foot-in your nose.

So, what happens when you go to the medical doctor and you are prescribed antibiotics, or sinus medications that dry out the sinuses and shrink the membranes? The fungus gets worse because the antibiotics kill off more healthy intestinal flora, and the drugs further stress your delicate membranes.

Remember that the human body has trillions of “bugs” in the lining of the intestine. These serve us by digesting our food, forming B vitamins, protecting the delicate gut wall, and keeping non-helpful bugs at bay. With every dose of antibiotics or vaccinations many of these helpful bugs are killed off, and more of the fungus-type organisms thrive. And they spread. They like warm, dark places. Like your sinuses.

The solution is to restore the balance of healthy gut flora, which just happens to restore your entire immune system. This is one area where medical handlings are a slippery slope, because the more antibiotics and drugs and nasal sprays you use, the worse your immune system becomes. And the more you are susceptible to allergies.

This is the reason that allergies may seem to come on rather suddenly, or get worse over time for adults. The immune system gets more and more compromised, and the gut flora gets weaker and weaker. This  is also an invitation to worse disease conditions developing.

People who are constipated and people with other digestive issues tend to have more allergies, because the food in the intestine ferments, creating a perfect environment for fungus to grow. Over-eating, eating sugar, high fructose corn syrup, refined grains, commercial processed dairy products, smoking, using drugs and drinking excess alcohol, taking birth control pills and other medications all upset the natural balance in the digestive tract, and so contribute to developing allergies.

If your sinuses are driving your crazy, it is an SOS signal from your immune system, a sign that your gut is over-loaded and needs re-balancing.

Of course you need symptomatic relief, and there are homeopathic remedies that can help. But the real handling is to “weed and feed” to restore the healthy gut lining and prevent fungus organisms from taking over. Probiotics may help, but they often are not enough.

Your gut is literally saving your life every single day, and that is nothing to sneeze at. Find out which homeopathic remedies may reduce your dependence on prescription drugs, and how a gut-health program designed for you can reduce your allergies so you can breathe easy again.

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