Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired

Anne Dunev, PhD

 Every day in my Nutrition and Natural Medicine practice people tell me, “I don’t know what happened. I used to be thin, feel good, have lots of energy and sleep well. Then something changed. I’ve put on weight I cannot seem to lose. I am tired all the time. And I feel terrible. Is this normal? Am I just getting older?”

Here is the good news. It is not normal and no, you don’t have to look forward to a steady decline in health as you age.

You can look and feel terrific, have plenty of energy, be slim and toned, and sleep well at any age. Regardless of your genetics and family history, and even your own health history.

However, most people living in the United States today will not be able to do this without some help and correct information to act on.

If you are reading this, you may have gotten a copy from your chiropractic physician, naturopath, nutritionist, or massage therapist. So, you are already taking an important step towards better health. All of these health care professionals can provide you with care to correct problems and keep you healthy.

Regardless of other services you are receiving, there is a vital element to repair, healing and maintenance of a body.

That element is nutrition. No, I don’t mean becoming a vegetarian, going on a diet, or eating bean sprouts and brown rice. Let me explain.

There is a whole world happening inside your body right now. It is as complex as a solar system, and that is why it seems to be confusing. You have probably been assaulted on all sides with information about this vitamin or that herb, and promised miracles would happen if you just buy find the right multi-level product or latest anti-oxidant.

So, let’s strip down to the basics of what you need to know to make the best choices for yourself. And you will be able to sort through all the marketing and hype a little better.

The human body is formed from certain exact “building blocks”. Bones, teeth, hair, skin, internal organs, muscles and glands are all made from physical material, just as a house is made from lumber, bricks, nails and plaster.

If you wanted to build a house, you would need building plans and drawings. But the house would not get built until the raw material was delivered.

The same thing is true for a human body. The genetic blueprint is provided by the mother and father. Then the raw materials to form the body are provided through the placenta from the nutrients in the mother’s blood. A pregnant woman really is eating for two; for her own repair and maintenance, and for the formation of a new baby body.

Foods-proteins, carbohydrates and fats- that the mother eats are broken down into vitamins, minerals and amino acids. (And there may be other things we don’t even know about yet! No company has ever been able to duplicate mother’s milk for baby formula!)

Once the food has been broken down all the way to individual cells, it is reconstructed into new “parts” to make the new baby body. You may have never thought about this before, but it is the mother’s blood that carries all the nutrients, or building blocks, to the new baby through the placenta. In fact, an experienced midwife can tell you a lot about the health of the new baby, by looking at the condition of the placenta when it is expelled after birth.

For nutrition to be absorbed into the blood, it has to pass through the walls of the intestine. That is how nutrition gets into blood, which might be called the “River of Life”. It is the transportation system for the body. Once in the blood nutrients get distributed to the individual cells all over the body.

Mother’s milk is formed from mother’s blood. Sounds a bit gruesome, but true. So, the baby is still being nourished by the nutrition the mother eats. When I see a baby who is deficient in nutrients, I always check the mother, too. And the mother is always deficient, as well. Genetics? Or simply an inherited deficiency? I suspect the latter, but regardless, the good news is that the correction can take place for both mother and baby, by adding the right nutrition to via food and supplements.

As a child grows, new cells are formed out of the food the child eats. THAT IS THE ONLY WAY A CHILD CAN GET THE BUILDING BLOCKS NEEDED TO GROW A BODY. If all the nutrients are provided, the body continues to make healthy cells. But, if important nutrients are missing, the cells are not perfect, and function is impaired.

Going back to the analogy of the house, this would be like giving your builder cardboard shoe boxes instead of bricks. Both are rectangular shaped, but one does not substitute for another. Building with bricks gives you a house that will withstand any storms or bad weather. Not only will cardboard boxes melt at the first rain, their appearance will be irregular and ugly.

The reason I am telling you this, is so you understand how vital it is to your good health that you replace nutrients as they are used up in the body. Your body replaces millions of cells every single day. The quality of those cells, whether they are perfect duplicates of the original DNA “blueprint”, depends on the quality of the food you consume. It is that basic.

What is your body using to make new cells?  Fresh fruits, vegetables and meats that are full of nutrition and essential nutrition? Or chemical, synthetic, processed junk food?

Our ancestors, up until the 20th century, ate only organic food because there wasn’t anything else. White flour and white sugar have been around a few hundred years, mostly for the richer people who could afford processed foods. And they quickly developed diseases that poor people, eating unrefined foods, did not have.

Heart disease was virtually non-existent until the 1900. Cancer and other degenerative diseases were rare.

Plagues and epidemics were largely a matter of sanitation. Humans did not keep their water supply from being fouled and their houses clean of vermin. Getting enough food for survival, despite weather and war, was difficult for many.

In the West, too often calories are still the issue. But now the problem is, not only too many calories, but too many empty calories, devoid of any nutrient benefit. And, since the great strides made in chemistry during World War II, problem is even worse than that. Too many calories full of chemicals, toxins from pesticides and industrial waste, and synthetic flavorings designed to fool the tongue into thinking there is something good tasting.

That’s right. Most of the flavors in candy, ice-cream and junk foods are chemicals created in a laboratory—not from Nature. What effect does a steady diet of these chemicals have on the body? Look around at all the people you know (and maybe you are one of them) who are sick, tired, fat and miserable. The effects are all around us. We just have to recognize what we see.

There is plenty of evidence these synthetics flavors are addictive. Just try to wean someone off their diet sodas, fast food or junk food diet. Sure most of us know better than to eat too much of this food. But when you are hungry and there is junk food on every corner, it is too easy to fall into the trap once again. And the more you eat, the more you crave.

You thought alcohol, drugs and cigarettes were addictive. All of these substances can be avoided completely if a person decides to break the addiction. They never have to ingest them again. However, you can’t kick food completely. So the addiction keeps being a temptation.

What is the answer? You can retrain your palate to crave what is good for you as well as delicious. Fine French cuisine is also healthy food, full of fresh local ingredients. You can eat delicious, even gourmet, food every day—and be rebuilding your health at the same time.

But before you go off to chef’s school, let’s begin with baby steps.

This booklet is designed to help you help yourself. One smart and efficient way you can improve your health and rid yourself of chronic conditions that are making you miserable is by supplementing your diet. The smart part comes by finding out what supplements to use, so that you get an excellent return for your money and are not misled by grand claims.

The health care professional who made this book available to you cared enough to find the best supplements made today. You cannot buy them in a health food store or on the internet.

Starting with the first ever multi-vitamin tablet, one company has virtually written the book on nutritional supplementation—Standard Process TM.  Growing their own food on rich Wisconsin farmland, picking at the peak of nutrient value, and low vacuum processing their supplements in their own manufacturing facility, Standard Process stands alone for their research and standards.

Even if you are buying organic, fruits and vegetables grown today have a fraction of the nutrient value they had 100 years ago. Our farming methods, which sacrifices vitamin and mineral content for size, appearance, and yield per acre, mean that you cannot get sufficient nutrients, even if you are eating a healthy diet. This is a shocking state of affairs, and means that only you can ensure that your body gets the raw material it needs to sustain itself.  You have to supplement in order to get adequate nutrition to support basic health.

You hear about the Frenchman who lived to be 100, drinking red wine every day, eating rich foods and smoking Gauloise cigarettes. But the 100 year old Frenchman grew up eating farm fresh foods in a world that was not polluted. In the U.S. today, you would have to live on your own organic farm, miles from any pollution from cars or factories, build your house like the pioneers did, free of solvents or chemicals, and prepare all your own food in order to live like that Frenchman. And longevity studies have shown that the factor that influences long healthy living more than anything else is lack of stress.

Add stress to the mix, and your body needs even more nutrients to support the glands that respond to stress. Coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, medical drugs, street drugs, pollution, daily exposure to dangerous chemicals in our home and work places, radiation from cell phones and microwaves. You don’t have to be a doctor to figure out that this is a recipe for ill health and chronic disease.

This booklet will help you to determine your own need for supplementation so that you can be one of those who beats the odds. If you already have symptoms, you will see that adding a few supplements start to reverse the downward spiral. If you add in some lifestyle changes and dietary changes, you can be healthier in 90 days than you are right now. You can feel and look better, and you can lose weight.

Those aches and pains don’t require medication. Remember that every single medication you take has its own set of side effects and is toxic to either your kidney or liver. So, you are buying short term relief at the cost of long term ill health.

Don’t think of whole food supplements as taking “pills”. They are, instead, super food concentrates. You are taking specially formulated and tested food nutrients that will assist the body to heal and repair. Foods and plant medicines have been used since the dawn of time to alleviate symptoms and chronic conditions. These natural food-based treatments are what the body recognizes and can use most efficiently and effectively.

Whole food concentrate supplements are nothing like synthetic vitamins.  If you have been taking handfuls of vitamin pills and wondering why you are not getting improvement or help, it is because the body cannot utilize high dose vitamins, for one. Synthetic vitamins are made in the laboratory from carbon-based substances, such as coal tar. That is why they are so cheap, and also why you don’t get the same results as you can get from whole food supplements. Can you imagine that your body could use coal tar in the same way it can use brown rice or wheat germ?

Generally, whole food supplements are safe, even if you are taking pharmaceutical drugs. After all, the supplements are foods. But check with your health care practitioner and let them know what you are taking. If your medical doctor disagrees with taking supplements, you may want to change doctors. Being a choosey and wise consumer is vital in today’s world. It is your body, after all.