I Care About Your Health

One of the biggest roadblocks to weight loss is toxic, congested organs like the liver and kidneys. Over-burdened by chemical additives, white flour and sugar, and environmental toxins, the organs cause the body to retain water and fat making you bloated, tired and immune to diets. Even when you cut back on food and calories, the body will just not let go.
A healthy body will lose weight. So the key to getting your body to let go is to give it all the nutrition it needs to shed those unwanted pounds.

Standard Process TM, the Gold Standard in Whole Food Nutritional supplementation, now offers a purification and weight management program. The program is a supervised month of herbs, whole food supplements, and fiber that will allow the body to let go of toxins, bloat and weight. Because of the infusion of super nutrition, and balanced blood sugar, this is a program you can stick to, and achieve lasting results.

Good-bye to cravings, water retention and toxic over-load and hello to a slimmer, healthier more energetic you. And when the inner organs are detoxed, the outer organ—the skin—is greatly benefited, also.

So, just in time for graduation, weddings and bikini weather, we offer the 1 month DETOX AND JUMP START WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM. First you will get a personalized health analysis to identify specific body problems. Then you will start the 4 week program. The price includes a complete kit of Detox and super nutrition products, plus weekly seminars with Dr. Anne Dunev to teach you more about the body, answer your questions and keep you motivated and winning. At the end of the 4 weeks you will get another personalized analysis to mark your progress and improvement. Only $250 for the full program.

You will be able to continue on a maintenance program for further weight loss and/or to address any specific health issues.

Do you want to spend the rest of the year dieting? Or do you want to kick start your body into a fat burning machine?