How To Avoid Cancer - Part II

Anne Dunev, PhD
We tend to know something about blood, but what do you know about your lymph system? The average 150 pound person has 11.2 liters of lymphatic fluid in the body.

The lymph network transfers minerals and carbohydrates that have broken down into simple sugars and to the cells for energy and nutrition. The lymphatic system also transports waste materials from cellular metabolism away from the cells. Individual cells convert nutrients to energy in a process called “Cellular Respiration”.  Each cell is a tiny engine that requires many small steps to make fuel needed to perform the function of that type of cell.

When there is a build-up of waste material or excess sugar, fermentation occurs. Cancer cells love sugar. So, you can begin to see that keeping the cells healthy and nourished via the lymph system could be improve function and be cancer-preventative.

The primary culprits for sugar excess and mineral deficiencies are processed foods made of white flour, white sugar and chemical flavorings or other additives. Whole foods, such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products and proteins all contain minerals. Plants draw minerals up from the soil and convert them into minerals that are bio-available to humans, which means they become easily utilized.

Cancer is a systemic disease that means there is a back up in your waste-disposal department. Waiting until there is a diagnosis means that the situation has progressed much too far. So, the time to take action to unclog your filters is now.  Ideally you should do a cleanse of your major organs every six months or yearly.

Changing life-style and eating habits may not only save your life, but give you a better quality of life. The snacks, breads, sweets, diet foods, alcohol and medications you may be using to get you through your day are a very temporary fix. Your mood, stress level and ability to cope are undermined by the bio-chemical changes that occur when you ingest substances that require nutrients to metabolize them.

Whole foods fill your nutrient bank. Snacks, breads, sweets, alcohol, excessive coffee, cigarettes, recreational and pharmaceutical drugs, artificial and chemical foods, all deplete your nutrient bank. That means that you are running on empty. If you don’t eat the foods needed for cells to function, and to replicate and form healthy new cells, mutant cells may start to grow.

Chances are your mirror will tell you when you need to make changes. Bloating, weight gain, rashes and blemishes, indigestion, constipation, menstrual irregularities, cravings for alcohol, drugs or sugar, fatigue, sleep issues, fogginess, allergies and asthma, depression and anxiety are all signs of a toxic overload.

Your medical doctor is not trained in prevention. Getting laboratory tests is not prevention. By the time your blood work indicates a problem, a disease state may have already set in.

Stay ahead of the game by changing your game plan. It is not easy to break the habit of snacking and grazing on crap-ohydrates and chemical foods. It starts with a decision to not only get healthier, but to look and feel better, too. If your body is crying out for better nutrition, don’t feed it chocolate until it shuts up!

In Europe and Asia lymphatic massage is far more common than in the U.S. The lymphatic fluid can be moved and stagnation decreased with massage and with moving the body. Rebounding (light jumping on a mini-trampoline) has been demonstrated to be useful for moving lymph. Walking, stretching and movement in general may be helpful. The human body was not designed to sit in a chair staring at a screen or fighting traffic. Get up and move. Drink the purest water you can find (and not distilled-remember you need minerals).

Good health can be yours, with a few simple decisions. The follow-through may be a challenge, so set realistic goals. In a short while you may be surprised to find that you ever craved some things you have felt you could not live without. Or you may find that you enjoy your favorite treat more when you only have it once in awhile. Your lymph is in your hands.