9 Changes to Boost Energy and Jump Start Weight Loss

Anne Dunev, PhD CN
1. Include a good fish oil capsule (2-4 daily) in your diet every day. This kind of Omega 3 oil helps decrease inflammation, and helps mobilize stored fat in the body.

2. Take digestive enzymes with every meal. It’s not just what you eat — its what you can digest. Most people don’t need antacids — just more digestive enzymes. A little organic apple cider vinegar (in some water) before a meal can aid digestion and decrease appetite.

3. Add kelp or iodine to your regimen. The lowest incidence of breast and prostate cancer in the world is in Japan, amongst elder Japanese on high sea weed (high iodine) diets. Iodized salt is the wrong type of iodine.

4. The body needs to move. Find an exercise that you enjoy and do some 5 times per week, for 40 minutes. Weight training burns more fat than cardio workouts!

5. High cholesterol? Increase your fiber by taking fiber supplements and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables and brown rice. Try vitamin supplements of Choline, Inositol (B vitamins) and Lecithin to break up dietary fat.

6. Eat small, frequent protein meals. If you eat the same amount of calories, but in small, frequent portions rather than 2-3 larger portions, you will boost your metabolism and lose weight. Munch on nuts and seeds, have lettuce wraps of cheese and meat. Cut out wheat for a week and see how much better you feel.

7. Eat real/whole foods. Did your great grandparents eat it? Then it is probably real food. Food should not have a shelf life unless it is dried. Save technology for electronics. Human beings need food that Nature created, not food companies. (Soy powder is highly processed and a hormone disruptor; as well most soy crops are genetically modified.)

8. Add a probiotic supplement daily. There are a few hundred little bugs in the body, mostly of the helpful variety. “Good” bugs keep the “bad” bugs at bay and the colon healthy. When the colon is healthy, toxins do not leak into the blood, which helps prevent allergies and infections.

9. Look for the best Vitamin E — wheat germ oil. The body needs whole Vitamin E for heart health and to make hormones. Hormones tell the organs (brain, liver, heart) what to do by sending little messages through the blood. Heartbeat faster when you see someone special? Thank your hormones.