Easy Detoxification Without Pills!

If you hate taking supplements, there is a new detoxification/purificationh program designed for you! And it was developed by Standard Process, the leader in whole food concnentrated nutrition especially designed for optimum human health

If you read my blogs, you know that I write frequently about the need to detoxify the organs like kidney, liver, and colon. Honestly, with so many environmental toxins and chemicals I think it it almost impossible to get or stay healthy without supporting and enhancing the natural detoxification pathways in the body.

The body is actually much too complex for our modern lifestyles. For example, in order to fully neutralize harmful chemicals like pesticides and chlorine and solvents, the liver uses a first and second phase cycle. The toxins are not broken down to a safe level for elimination until toxins and chemicals have passed through both phases. But the second phase requires sulfur compounds and we modern humans have deficient diets and different degrees of genetic ability to operate a good Phase II detoxification. When toxins and metals are not broken down they can cause cellular damage.

Add to that the obesity problem, which can mean that the organs themselves have fat deposits in them. The abdomen may have a layer of fat on the outside of the muscles and organs, and that fat may be communicating with the brain through the hormonal system. That is bad enough. But if the fat invades the liver, for example, it will impair normal liver function since the liver was not designed as a fat repository. How does the fat get there? The culprits include high fructose corn syrup (currently added to almost all processed foods) and refined sugars. Fatty liver used to occur only in alcoholics, but not anymore.

Detoxification can be a first step towards handling cravings, losing weight, resetting metabolism, addressing sleep issues, reducing asthma and allergies, banishing foggy thinking, improving energy, clearing skin issues, balancing hormones, addressing Diabetes and low blood sugar, and arresting declining health.

With the new Standard Process 28-day Purification and Detoxification program you eat healthy meals and drink 1-3 shakes per day. No added supplements. The shake powder is designed to help you detox easily and painlessly by supporting the pathways for eliminating toxins.

The program guide has meal plans, recipes and more. Click here to learn about it. https://www.standardprocess.com/Products/Literature/SP-Detox-Balance-Program-Guide

Let me know that you want to try this program and get free shipping on the 28-day kit. If you cannot commit to 28 days, there is a 10-day program so that you can fit it into your schedule and get some benefits without the month-long commitment.

And, if you want more help with weight loss, stay tuned for another program that gives you five days of “foods” that mimic fasting, so you can eat and fast at the same time. You can alternate the five-day program with the Standard Process Purification program and reach your target weight healthier than ever, ending junk food cravings and building lean muscle.

This could be your year to tip the scales in your favor for a change, and be the slim healthy person who is peeking out from behind those extra pounds.