Simple Painless Test for Food Sensitivities

You may be suspecting food sensitivities. You have noticed that certain foods don’t agree with you, or you have symptoms like bloating, diarrhea, constipation, mood changes, sinus issues, or skin rashes like eczema. There may be other symptoms that you do not associate with foods. Here is a quiz you can take for yourself.

Our modern farming practices, filled with pesticides and chemicals, have altered how the very DNA of many foods so that we are eating proteins and toxins that did exist previously. And they can cause many symptoms that you may not have associated with food sensitivities. But finding out your own sensitivities can make a world of difference. One of my patients visited five different dermatologists seeking treatment for the flaking skin all around her eyes. When I found that her daily yogurt was the cause, the flaking started to clear up in a couple of days.

These symptoms are unsightly and uncomfortable, but there may also be more serious immune problems with food sensitivity for some people. Long term food intolerances tax the immune system and may set up an internal environment that makes you more susceptible to auto-immune diseases, weight gain or a weakened immune system that is unable to handle serious challenges from bacteria and viruses.

Skin prick tests, where different types of food are tested on your skin, may give you false positives, meaning that you are not really allergic to the food tested. Blood work or IgG or IgE testing may not be accurate, either. Many people will show a reaction to a laundry list of foods, which can make dietary planning very difficult and eliminate more foods than are really necessary.

Allergy testing with blood may also produce a long list of foods to avoid, and can be expensive. So, I have been on the lookout for food sensitivity testing that is non-invasive, and reasonably priced. I just performed my own sensitivity test and was impressed with the results.

My test results paralleled the more costly blood testing I did a couple of years ago. And this new test revealed more items that made sense to me. This test also checks for non-food items that may be in your environment, and it checks for nutritional deficiencies. My test results indicated a lack of B12 and, based on what I know about my own digestion, that makes sense to me. B12 can only be absorbed when digestion is strong. You can also test for metal toxicity with this testing.

So, I am very excited to be able to offer this new Food Sensitivity test. If you are trying to lose weight, sleep better, handle digestive issues like gall bladder or intestinal symptoms, or improve skin, this could open some doors to understanding and more precise treatment. Because it is painless, it is easy to test kids. One of my colleagues is having great results helping people lose weight by avoiding the foods they are sensitive to.

It gets better! If you are wondering if you are missing vital nutrients, this test also identifies what vitamins and minerals you need to increase. This can be very important information that is hard to determine without expensive blood work.

And most people in the United States have exposure to toxic metals. If your levels are high, it is a concern because metals cause cellular damage. A program to eliminate metals can be done, giving cells a chance to heal and regenerate.

You can do this test at home, or it can be done in the office. A hair sample is collected and mailed to a lab and results are sent to me. We go over the results, with advice about any dietary changes, or supplements. You can retest down the road to see how those changes are making a difference. You should feel better and see the results, but sometimes changes in the body are occurring silently, and by the time we notice, damage has been done. Remember the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This gives us a peek inside the body in a non-invasive way. All you have to lose is a few strands of hair. And identifying metal toxicity, a food sensitivity, or lack of a nutrient might even help grow more hair if yours is thinning!

Email me at or text to 818-863-6346 if you are interested in ordering the test or have questions.