Boobs, More or Less

Breasts are one of those things that rarely satisfy their owners. We either have too little, too much, or they are too saggy or the wrong shape, etc.

About 7 Million women have had breast augmentation surgery in the United States. The majority of these ladies live in the Western states and comprise 5-6% of the female population. Other women have had breast lifts, without augmentation. About 40,000 women a year have breast reduction surgery for cosmetic purposes and about 25,000 men a year have breast reduction surgery for “man boobs”.

With so much attention on the size and shape of breasts, we may forget how wonderful the breast is for its biological function of converting the mother’s blood into a sweet milk for nursing, as well as being a nerve center tied to pleasure and arousal. There is no replacement for mother’s milk that we can create in a lab and we don’t yet know all the components that not only feed the baby for growth, but also build the developing immune system.

Because breasts are influenced by hormones, and comprised of fatty tissue, they are susceptible to disease. Keeping breasts healthy is dependent on good thyroid function, hormone balance, and maintaining a body and lymphatic system that is free of toxins that may store in breast tissue and cause mutation in the cells.

Doing a regular general or liver cleanse is a good defense against breast cancer. Thyroids, and therefore breasts, do well with generous levels of the mineral iodine. Taking an iodine supplement is smart. I like Mintran from Standard Process, which contains calcium and magnesium in the correct forms and ratios, along with iodine. I also like Lugol’s liquid Iodine available online, and can be applied topically to belly or leg.

For men or women who wish to reduce breast size, one thing that influences tissue is excess estrogen, which is also a cancer risk. Of course, maintaining a normal weight, and thus avoiding sugar and carbs is a first defense. Eating cruciferous vegetables helps the liver to metabolize and break down excess estrogen. These include cabbage, Kale, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower. Think of the ones that are smelly when cooked! They contain sulfur, which is vital for full liver detoxification processes.

There is a supplement called DIM, which contains the extract from cruciferous vegetables, and is a smart supplement to take. Men needing more testosterone can take it, and women who use estrogen hormone replacement can benefit from DIM. Here is a good source of DIM.

Hormone balance is not just dependent on what and how many hormones you are making, but also what happens to them afterwards. And that is where the marvelous liver comes in. No matter what kind of health or cosmetic issue you are battling, supporting liver health is vital.  Livers process out junk, and they also process out excess things like hormones, so they are no floating around in the body. For more on info on liver detox programs, let me know. Spring is the best detox time.

So, for the Mom’s in our lives, thanks for being the hubs to the family wheels and the anchor points of our lives.  Happy Mother’s Day! For me personally, thanks to my sons for letting me be your mother, because being a Mom is awesome and I wouldn’t have missed it for anything!