Spring Renewal Time

Like the trees and flowers, I am emerging again after the winter months. Something unavoidable came up in February and I was unable to return to LA-until now.

I will be back in LA from 17 March for a week and seeing patients every day, except Saturday, including Sunday. I will be at the new office at Toluca Lake Tennis Club in the office of Aquino Acupuncture (Better) at 6711 Forest Lawn Drive, suite 104, LA 90068.

It has been a time of great renewal for me, and I hope that you are doing well.  During the winter months, the body slows down a bit. Heavier winter foods are welcome, but now is the time to add in more spring vegetables, and get the metabolism working a little faster, in anticipation of greater activity levels.

Oxygen is a vital nutrient. Did you know that your cells actually breathe? Your lungs take in air, in order to get the oxygen into the blood for transport throughout the body. The cells take in oxygen and respire (breathe out) carbon dioxide. So, deep breathing has numerous benefits. It is relaxing and counters stress, and it gets more oxygen into the blood. Oxygen is carried to the cells via the red blood cells. There is a special protein called Hemoglobin, which allows the red blood cells to carry oxygen and exchange it for carbon dioxide. Having rich, healthy red blood cells is very important because every cell must have oxygen to function correctly. Carbon dioxide is released through the lungs. https://www.ebi.ac.uk/interpro/potm/2005_10/Page1.htm

Sitting up straight at your desk will allow your lungs to open up fully and take in more oxygen. Exercise helps increase oxygen capacity. Feeling a mid-afternoon slump? Try moving around and doing some deep breathing, instead of reaching for caffeine or snacks. Sufficient B vitamins are vital to lung function. Check yourself on your oxygen capacity by timing how long you can hold your breath.  You should be able to hold your breath for a minute or more. Divers who must hold their breath for sustained lengths of time have slowed metabolisms. That should tell you that oxygen is vital for increasing your metabolism and some people have found they can lose weight by drinking more water and practicing more deep breathing.

So I hope that, when I see you soon in LA, you will have rosy cheeks and plenty of energy. If you are concerned about your blood quality or suffer from poor circulation, we can check that and get you on a blood-building program. For the body, the blood and circulation might be called the River of Life. Spring is a perfect time to get your river flowing beautifully.

Text me at 818-863-6346, or email me at anne@annedunev.com or dr.dunev@gmail.com to book an appointment for next week.

Happy Easter! Happy Passover! Happy Spring!