Love and Romance for Valentine's Day

You may have heard that sex is 90% between your ears, but sex hormones are made in the little glands above your kidneys called the adrenals. When adrenals are tired or you are stressed, the adrenals make cortisol, instead of testosterone. And testosterone is the main hormone governing libido or sex drive men. For women[i] the libido is also affected by levels of testosterone.

Juggling careers, kids, family and social lives can make finding the time and energy for romance a big challenge. Judging from the number of patients who mention this as an issue, both sexes and all ages can suffer from lack of interest. Both men and women describe a lack of shared time and intimacy with their partners as a problem for creating romance. So, you might say that sex starts at hello, and is fostered by giving your partner the attention and interest they need. But even when relationships are strong, the physical expression may be elusive.  Addressing the  physical/hormonal component can provide a remedy.[ii]

So, if you are looking to rekindle fires for this and future Valentine’s Day, here are a few pointers.  First, keep your weight in normal range. Excess pounds mean excess estrogen for both men and women.[iii]

Second, eat plenty of healthy fats and protein and limit sugar and excess carbs. Blood sugar issues can interfere with blood flow. And a junk food diet can make you feel lethargic and bloated.

Third, get your adrenal hormone levels checked. If excess cortisol is a problem, reduce your stress. Moderate exercise, like walking, is one of the best ways to reduce stress. If you need more DHEA or Testosterone, consider adrenal supplementation.

Fourth, keep alcohol, drugs and medication to a minimum. More than a little can numb your responses, rather than enhance them. Herbal medicine can work better than alcohol or drugs to relax you, without impairing your liver or your sexual response.

Fifth, get enough sleep. Spend more time sleeping between the sheets, in order to enjoy more romance between the sheets.

Notice how all these factors go together. More sleep, better eating habits, moderate exercise, weight loss and less stress are all part of the recipe for more love.

I wish you all Happiness and Romance for Valentine’s Day. Lucas and I will be joining some of our family in Napa, so the office will be closed on Friday. If you need supplements for this Valentine weekend, let us know.