Do You Know the Signs of Heavy Metal Toxicity?

All of us are exposed to heavy metals in the Western World.  Metals may be food, air, or water borne. You may work in an environment that uses heavy metals such as construction, agricultural, manufacturing or other industries. Corrosion may cause an exposure when a metal was used as an element, such as lead in pipes.

A metal may be a trace metal in tiny amounts that is essential in the body, such as copper. But even a vital metal is a problem when it overwhelms the body’s ability to excrete excess, and stores in the body, eventually causing cellular damage. Many metals are toxic to nerve cells, for example. Heavy metals will cause organ damage and often store in the small intestine, wreaking havoc with digestion and compromising the immune system in the gut. They are also known to be cancer-causing.

The good news is that toxic metals can be removed from the body by getting a substance to bind with them and pull them out, or increasing the body’s ability to push them out through detoxification pathways. When the heavy metal burden is reduced, the opportunity for healing the organ or tissue is greatly improved.

Here are some symptoms of metal toxicity: Fatigue, weakness, joint pain, digestive issues, brain fog, constipation, ulcers, sperm damage, headache, poor attention span, irritability, loss of memory, lower IQ, decreased attention span, anti-social behavior, kidney damage. Metals will interfere with enzyme function or cause DNA damage. If you are considering pregnancy, it may be very important to reduce your heavy metal burden before getting pregnant. If you want to prevent cancer, there are few steps you can take that would be more helpful than reducing your toxic metals.

The most toxic metals are mercury, lead, cadmium, and arsenic. Knowing if you have an over-burden of these metals can help you take charge of your health, and protect your cells and organs in the long term.

Now there is a simple dried-urine test (pee on a strip) that identifies if you have toxic metal over-load. The test also reveals your levels of the essential trace minerals of iodine and selenium, which are vital for heart health and to protect you against cancer. Bromine can bind with cell receptors to prevent you from being able to utilize iodine and the test checks your bromine level, also. Bromine is a common ingredient in commercial bread products.

The price of the heavy metal test is normally $205. For the month of October, get a $20 discount. If you have a heavy metal over-load, supplements or a detoxification program can reduce the burden. This may improve your symptoms and will reduce your risk of serious health issues. We live in a toxic environment. Until we can reduce the environmental toxins by getting industries to clean up their act and stop poisoning us, all we can do is help our bodies to cope with the health consequences.

The test is a simple test you take at home and send it to the lab. The results may change your life. Every step you take to rid your body of toxins, chemical, metal or pathogenic, will improve your chances of feeling your best, and reducing your risk of serious disease.

Call the office to order your test kit. You don’t need an appointment and we can also mail the kit to you and send you the supplements, as well, if the results indicate that you need to reduce heavy metals. Find out if you are at risk and help your body stay strong.








Anne Dunev, PhD, C.N. has over twenty years experience helping people feel better by finding the root cause of what is causing their symptoms. Addressing that with the correct natural and nutritional medicine is her strength. With help restoring balance and function, thousands of people are living happier, healthier lives.