How Your Thyroid Can Be Your Best Friend


I love the thyroid gland. It is like the conductor to your hormonal orchestra. The thyroid has many important functions from regulating metabolism to supporting your immune system and keeping you cheerful and full of energy. Helping your thyroid to work well is vital for long-term health. Most people do notice the symptoms of low thyroid function. But if their blood work comes back normal and their MD says it is not an issue, what does that mean?

Blood work identifies disease markers. It does not identify functional issues. But long before a disease sets in, there have been signs and symptoms that function was off. Medication is not the answer, and if you do medicate it may mean staying on medication for a life-time.

This is where Natural medicine is the answer. There is a large gap between perfect health and a serious disease state. And many people fall into that gap, with no answers until the situation worsens and a disease does occur.

So, prevention is staying up-stream from disease. You have to know where you are at before you can know which direction to go. Symptoms can help you to get your bearings and find a course of action that will not only prevent you from getting worse, but also greatly enhance your energy, and your life. Since you are not taking any dangerous medication, there is no liability in using natural and nutritional medicine.

First of all, it is important that you do get some proper medical care if you have serious symptoms. An enlarged thyroid, unexplained weight loss with severe dry hair and skin would be thyroid symptoms that require evaluation by an MD. Blood tests can identify or rule out serious conditions, and that is important.

For those of you who have symptoms that do not resolve, but your blood work is normal, here are some of the things to look for.

Easily fatigued

Depression and mood swings

Weight gain and difficulty losing weight


Sleepy during the day

Sensitive to cold


Dry skin

Reduced initiative

Hard to think or remember

Thinning hair

Waking up unrefreshed

Restless sleep

Morning headaches

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Many people who are overweight do have low-function thyroid. And doing a natural thyroid program may help the weight come off more easily. It will also improve general health and disease resistance. So, it is well worth exploring the possibility of thyroid issues.

Slimmer people may also have thyroid issues. Sometimes the thyroid can be over-active, and that is just as unhealthy. Or else they have other things they are doing to speed their metabolism and weight has not yet become an issue. This might change after childbirth or menopause.

Every gland in your body has the job of producing chemical messages that can race through the blood and bind with other glands and organs and tell them what to do next. Think if hormones like carrier pigeons. In order to get the message at the other end, there must be a place for the birds to land. So, organs like the heart and liver, and other glands like the ovaries and adrenals, have receptor sites on their cells. The hormone-bird lands, and the message can be read.

Today we have many substances in our food supply and environment that hog the landing site for the hormones by blocking the cell receptors. Plastics, soy products and synthetic hormones used in products like birth control pills, fall into this category. So, the glands are trying to send messages to each other and there is no place to land. Then the gland sending the message may start sending louder messages (more hormones) to try and get through.

If there are deficiencies of minerals, proteins, fats or vitamins, there may not be building material to make hormones, and the gland itself may be too tired to do its job. This is pretty easily remedied by changing eating habits, lifestyle and adding in natural medicine and herbal support in the form of concentrates that have the exact nutrients needed for healthy glands and strong, active hormones.

We can help. We love thyroids and we can help you get the life you enjoy with a healthy thyroid that works like it is supposed to. Call us at 818-562-1400.